Scientific committee member zlü: the virus turned into a cold

Member of Scientific Committee Prof. Doctor. Tevfik zlü pointed out that the corona virus is very common, and added that the number of cases is much higher than reported, the disease is now mildly relapsed, and at-risk groups should protect themselves, adding:

I think the number of cases is very high

Our cases are increasing. Our hospitalization cases also started increasing. We have stopped our covid service. We have never had any covid patient here. But recently, we started getting patients who we got admitted to the hospital for Covid. We currently have a patient in the Intensive Care Unit. We have shifted from Intensive Care to Covid Intensive Care. Our patients were completely gone. In my opinion, the currently reported number of cases does not represent the truth. I think the number of cases is very high.

But in society, when people are sick, they don’t go and get tested like they used to. If you remember 2020-2021, if you had a slight cough or fever, we would have done the test right away; We were afraid that we might get Kovid. But now people take it lightly. It cures cold, flu and common cold. That’s why he doesn’t want to go to the hospital and get tested. So I think the number of cases is much higher than what is normally reported.

Let’s take a look around you and you will see that there are many people we know, know, close, neighbours, friends, who got cold, flu, flu and similar diseases in last 15 days and 20 days Huh. In fact, you may notice that they are produced together in the whole family, which is why it is so common right now, but thankfully it goes away as a mild illness.

no need to fear

Stating that the corona virus no longer usually enters the lungs, Prof. Doctor. Ozlu continued:

Symptoms usually begin within 2-3 days of contact. It may cause mild irritation in the throat, pain, dripping of nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, body malaise, weakness. Sometimes there’s a fire. Sometimes he begins to lose his sense of smell and taste again. But it doesn’t usually go very far into the lungs. In other words, pneumonia in the lungs, respiratory failure doesn’t do much.

However, the patients we have hospitalized are usually elderly or chronically ill or immunocompromised, undergoing treatment for cancer or taking certain immunosuppressive drugs. They can also be heavy. This can require hospitalization, intensive care support and can be fatal.

If you’re young, you don’t have any chronic diseases, and have been vaccinated, that’s fine. You may be sick, but you will recover from it. So you don’t need to worry much. Think of it this way, it has turned into a disease just like the common cold, flu and common cold. Whatever you do to avoid the cold or what you pay attention to to avoid the cold, we need to evaluate it in the same way. (DHA)

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