Scientific committee member zlü: air conditioning in social areas too risky

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health Prof. Doctor. Tevfik zlü warned to exercise caution in rising air temperatures. Pointing out that the high-altitude plateaus in the Black Sea region, which are surrounded by hot weather, are triggers for many diseases, Zlü said chest diseases, chronic coronary artery disease, systemic hypertension, heart failure and diabetes. People with high blood pressure should not neglect their health check-up before and after the holiday.

Prof Dr. zlü reminded that the air temperature in Turkey will start to rise from this week, and the extreme heat has caused many deaths in Europe. Heat can actually cause serious harm, especially to infants, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses. You need to be very careful in terms of health. The effects of heat can also have serious effects such as sunstroke and heat stroke. Existing diseases can lead to balance disorders. In this regard, we need to learn how to live with the heat.”

Pay Attention to the Hours When the Sun’s Rays Are Steak

Emphasizing that the sun’s rays are directly perpendicular, noon should not be between 10.00-11.00 and 16.00-17.00 directly under the sun. Doctor. Ozlu said:

You have to stay in the shade. You should like the open air. If indoors, it is absolutely necessary to open doors and windows to ventilate inside. Closing the door, window will increase the risk of heat stroke inside.

If we have to go out in the sun, we should use protective equipment like hats, umbrellas and sunglasses. Dress is important; It is necessary to wear light clothes woven from loose, comfortable natural fabrics. Heavy, synthetic, tight clothing should not be preferred. We recommend drinking plenty of fluids, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. Water, mineral water, salted buttermilk, fluids and light food should be preferred.

It is necessary to avoid heavy fried dishes, stuffed food, oily food. Alcohol should not be taken. This should be taken care of, especially in hot weather. Control of chronic diseases is essential. If you have high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes and COPD, you should not delay their follow-up and treatment. The control of these diseases can worsen with heat. Your risk may increase.

Pay attention to air conditioning

Pointing out that air conditioners, which are often preferred in the summer months, can be a carrier of diseases, Prof. Doctor. Ozlu said:

Pay attention to the use of air conditioning. Air conditioners are devices that give us comfort in the heat, but if you make a sudden change from hot to cold, from cold to hot, you can lower the temperature too much, and if you lower the temperature too much, Air conditioner can harm you. ,

In particular, you should not run the fan directly on yourself. The room temperature should not be lower than 22-23 degrees. As much as possible and fan should be done upwards. Especially in social areas, i.e. indoor areas that we share with other people, using air conditioners during this period can be very risky. Because you know, covid is very common at the moment.

Flu and respiratory infections are also very common. So, if you are using an air conditioner, you close the door and window tightly so that it is cool inside, so as not to lose energy, and the air conditioner circulates the air inside.

It continuously breathes in and exhales the same air. If there are respiratory viruses and viruses that cause infections in this air, the chances of their transmission increase. When the air conditioner blows sharply in the form of air from the fan, the chances of them reaching you and infecting you are high.

So it doesn’t matter if you use air conditioning in your home or car by yourself, but if you have an indoor air conditioner in your office that you share with other people, it can be risky for health. , They said. (DHA)

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