Scary study: Desks are dirtier than toilet bowls

Data from a company called TechDisinfect found that the average keyboard has as many germs as in a kitchen trash can, while a computer mouse is dirtier than a normal mop. According to a report in the Daily Mail, ten swabs of each piece were taken at offices in England and then compared to dirty household items.

An average desk contained about 21,000 germs per square inch, a keyboard typically contained 1,676 versus 3,295 germs for a mouse. Office phones also contain more than 25,000 germs.

Cleanliness of tables is neglected

“Desktop and office items can be up to four times dirtier than toilet seats because we spend so much time with them,” said Karim Samani, general manager of TechDisinfect Cleaning Company.

People like to eat and drink at their desks, never thinking about cleaning up afterwards. The staff also do not pay serious attention to regular disinfection.

Viruses, germs and bacteria can easily infect all parts of the home, but our workplaces are potentially a much bigger threat.

He warned that everything from coffee cups to keyboards could be infected.

A spokesperson for, a website that participated in the research, also said that when we compared toilet seat covers, mats and kitchen boxes to simple table items, we were surprised how dirty tables can actually be, Having said that employees should pay attention.

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