Russia sanctions 39 people, including former British Prime Minister Cameroon

Russia continues to respond to sanctions decisions taken by Britain against Russia based on Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. In a written statement made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it was stated that in connection with the continued practices of the British government’s restraint apparatus against representatives of the socio-political circles of Russia, it was decided to include several British in the list of sanctions. Was gone, local economic circles and the media.

In the statement, which said 39 British nationals, including former British Prime Minister David Camorro, were placed on the sanctions list, Britain has been accused of perpetuating anti-Russian hostilities, spreading misinformation about our country and supporting the Kyiv neo-Britain. harmful action. The Nazi regime will receive a substantial and firm response from Russia.

The statement also said that the sanctions against England will be expanded and work is in progress in this direction.

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