Russia declares 14 Bulgarian diplomatic personalities as non Greta

Russia declared 14 Bulgarian diplomats non greta in retaliation after the Bulgarian government announced on June 28 that it would expel 70 Russian diplomats and embassy staff.

In the statement made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it was stated that the Bulgarian ambassador to Moscow, Atanas Christine, had given a note stating that 14 Bulgarian diplomats and consular staff had been declared persona non greta. “We believe that unfriendly actions towards Russia have nothing to do with the national interests of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people,” the statement said.

Anti-Russian Bulgarian Prime Minister Resigns

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov, who lost a vote of confidence in parliament in June and resigned on June 27, announced that 70 Russian diplomats had been expelled for espionage activities. Petkov, we expelled 70 Russian diplomats today. Many of them worked in direct (intelligence) services, and their diplomatic role was more of a cover-up,” he said.

Taking a tough stand on Russia, Petkov fired the defense minister last February for denial of war, which Russia describes as a special military operation against Ukraine.

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