Ripples On The Water: Theory Of Change

Ripples on the water: theory of change

You can’t stand injustice, but think you can’t do anything about it? If so, we want to tell you about the theory of ripples on water. After reading this article, you will realize the enormous power you have to change things.

You must also know that to make things go better, you have to start with yourself. We cannot convey happiness to someone we love if we are not the first to be cheerful. We don’t have the opportunity to love others if we don’t love ourselves first.

Theory of ripples on water to encourage change

Start with yourself

As we have anticipated, the first step is to generate change within oneself. How can we expect a person not to speak badly of us if we do it to others? How can we ask that others show affection if we are unable to love each other?

Boy in front of a crossroads

Stop to reflect and converse intimately with yourself. Listen to the voice within you. Search deep within your soul for your true feelings. Ask yourself how you are and how you would like to be. Face problems, face them and fix what’s broken.

When you have established a dialogue with yourself, think about who you are, what you want to do and what your goals are. Take off all the masks you have built to please others, get rid of false modesty and show yourself for who you are. Remove everything that you don’t like, that is not good for you and start becoming the person you have always dreamed of being.

Throw the first stone

After connecting with yourself and taking the first step in transforming your life, you are ready to throw the first rock that will produce the ripples on the water. What does it mean? That what you do will affect others and the surrounding environment.

If you decide not to complain, because you have understood that it is useless or you want to show yourself more affectionate or simply be yourself, you will gradually discover the consequences of your behavior that you could not even imagine before.

At this point it is important that in the beginning you take everything calmly and philosophically. When you throw a rock, the first ripples are small, so the effects of your change will initially be minimal as well. As time goes by and with new changes, ripples will increase in size and frequency.

Let the ripples flow

After throwing the first stone into the water, let the ripples flow. The former will be small and ephemeral, but they will allow the others to change.

The next step is to see yourself as a happy person in the middle of the water, where the stone falls. You are the starting point of your happiness. You are courageous people who have chosen a difficult path, but full of emotions and love.

Waves on the water

Think of the ripples you cause every time you fall into the water. The love you carry inside spreads on the surface, but also in the depths of the lake, the sea, the ocean or where you decide to throw stones.

Each ripple represents your passion for life, your courage to fulfill your dreams, your love for others, your affection, your kindness and your need to help those less than you. All of this you pass on to others and it has an effect on them.

The effect of the ripples

If you are consistent in generating new ripples on the water, with each passing day you will be able to observe the effect they have on others. Perhaps you convey hope, happiness, trust or the will to live. It all depends on the bond and connection you have with other people.

You may also feel the way some people, influenced by you, throw their stones creating ripples that in turn reach their loved ones.

Did you think you could not do anything to put an end to injustice? Start with yourself and let your positive attitude and goodness spread throughout the world. Let your ripples flow on the water, as they will gradually make the world a better place.

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