Retired Citizen: If I Fight For 18 Hours A Day, We Can Stand

Meral Aksner, the president of the IYI party, continued her journey in Yalova in the districts of Armutlu, Termal and Márquez. Exner gave a speech to the citizens who followed him in the district of Márquez. After Exner’s speech the provincial heads of the parties attended six-tables. After his speech, Aksner continued his journey to the merchants.

Exner asked about the business, complaining about the lack of customer numbers and decreased purchasing power. Some operators said that they did not make any sifta during the day.

I used to sell 50 kg meat earlier, now it is 15-20 kg.

A butcher said, “If I used to sell 50 kg, now I sell 15-20 kg.”

A trader concerned about the bills said, ‘I have been running a shop for 10 years. Normally, this comes to a maximum of 300 lira every month. 925 lira arrived this month. I don’t even turn on the air conditioner. Normally in the summer, there was no natural gas bill in the houses, this month 80 lira came.

Retired: If I Fight 18 Hours A Day, We Can Stand

Another butcher said, “The number of customers buying 1 kg of meat in a week has come down to 250 grams. He said, ‘We give it in a shameful way.

One citizen who said he has retired but continues to work as a businessman said, “If I struggle for 18 hours a day, we can stand.

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