Record deposit measures for climbers who ignore warnings in France

According to news in the Guardian, climbers trying to reach Mont Blanc, the highest mountain on the European continent via the Goeter route in France, have to pay a deposit of about 276 thousand TL (15,000 euro) to cover their expenses. Will happen if they are saved or worse, they die.

According to the statement, while 10 thousand euros is required for the rescue cost, 5 thousand euros will be used for the funeral expenses.

Jean-Marc Peilleux, the mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, where climbers can reach the summit by this route, announced that he had put the measure into practice because dozens of defiant warnings were not followed.

they climb in shorts

Peileux said on Twitter that dozens of so-called climbers ignored warnings. He said five Romanian visitors “wearing shorts, sneakers and straw hats” attempted to climb and were saved by police.

Mayer said, “People want to climb Mont Blanc with death in their backpacks. So let’s take a look at the cost of saving and burying them, because it is unacceptable for French taxpayers to pay the bill.

The road to Monte Cervino, Italy, was temporarily closed on Thursday after a landslide saved 13 climbers. It is to be known that in the last 20 years more than 100 people have died on the goster route.

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