Protect The Brain From The Signs Of Aging

Protect the brain from the signs of aging

First of all, it is good to understand that the brain is a muscle. A wonderful muscle full of potential that, just like all the others, must be exercised; the more we train him in carrying out various tasks, the more resistant he will become and the better the conditions he will maintain over time.

Our brain, therefore, is a multidisciplinary and extremely plastic organ, which absorbs all types of stimuli and processes all types of information. This continuous activity allows him to stay active and become stronger, maintaining an adequate state over the years, which allows him to deal with certain diseases and to develop what we know as “cognitive reserve”.

Would you like to be able to keep it at optimal levels for your physical and cognitive health? Come on!

The cognitive reserve: protector of our brain

Cognitive reserve is the ability of human beings to cope with the deterioration we may suffer from certain diseases, including old age;  furthermore, it demonstrates our mental agility and skills in cognitive processes such as problem solving, memory, invention, reasoning, imagination, etc.

There have been clinical cases in which, after the death of a person and only after the autopsy, it was discovered that he suffered from a very serious brain disease, of which strangely he had not shown signs during his life.

This shows us what the capabilities and plasticity of the brain are, which is able to find new ways to fill a possible deficit. When, for example, a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the disease can take more or less time to reveal itself thanks to the cognitive reserve of the brain, a set of structures that develop more than normal to make it strong enough to deal with the progressive. neuronal deterioration and terrible memory loss.

Living different experiences, having an intellectually active life, showing interest in learning, having an open mind, curious and always exercising, allows you to create continuous neuronal connections, which in turn provide us with new paths and structures with which to enrich this wonderful organ called the brain, a truly extraordinary muscle.

Achieve a high cognitive reserve

Although it is true that cognitive reserve is often associated with genetic and environmental factors, living in a context that helps us develop our cognitive abilities, that always gives us new stimuli and that keeps our interest in learning and learning alive. experimentation can be of great help. We could therefore say that the bases that guarantee a good cognitive reserve are:

  • Anatomical-functional properties of the brain
  • Intellectual capacity, duration and quality of the education received
  • Professional or career development over the course of our life
  • Leisure activities, personal interests, social relationships, etc.

The cognitive reserve is the result of a process that begins during the first years of life and continues over time, it is a capacity that can and must be stimulated throughout life, for our good. How to do it? We must continue to be curious, ask questions, read , have a good circle of friends with whom to talk and exchange ideas, feel emotions, get excited, carry out projects, enhance other skills such as music, painting, writing, etc.

All this causes our cognitive reserve to establish new neuronal relationships, building new structures and defining a stronger and healthier brain, capable of fighting against potential diseases in the future, and that will help us keep ourselves in a great state and spend an old age. happy. It just depends on you!

And now we ask you: how are your cognitive reserve levels?

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