Profiteering of 20 crores with the promise of more profits! New development in ‘Turgo Shared’ scam

GT, who introduced himself as a representative of a Japan-based company in Balokesir, and learned he was a retired police officer, had reportedly started creating subscriptions through the online Turgo sharing system.

The 'Turgo Shared' system set up with the promise of profit has collapsed!  There are many victims - Breaking News - Sozkus

It started in Balikesar, 10. expanded with

Members who logged in through the system were told they would get their deposits back within 20 days, with prices starting at $174.

After that, the system started working regularly. The members who got their principal amount started benefiting. According to the first determination, the system spread with 10 provinces located in Balikesir.

20 thousand members, 20 million TL

In the Turgo Shared application, which has reached almost 20 thousand members and has collected over 20 million funds so far, members were previously offered the option of bicycles and motorcycles through the system, while a value of 800 thousand Luxury cars were offered with TLs were added following increasing demand.

27 people in custody

After hearing that the high profit sharing system had collapsed, depositors started complaining to the police on the grounds that they had been cheated. In the investigation launched, 26 people were detained along with GT, who was accused of setting up the system in Turkey, and work was launched to arrest 1 suspect.

4 people arrested

Of the 26 detained, 10 were released after their statement at the police station. 12 of the 16 suspects referred to the court were released on the condition of judicial control, while 4 people, including GT, were arrested.

we did you

The statement of a citizen who suffered after his system was shut down attracted attention. The civilian, who raided the company’s office in Balikesir and broke windows and doors in the office, sent a message saying, “We betrayed you, it’s our responsibility, we apologise.” So I breathed into the office whose address I already knew. I broke down everywhere. I exploded. It was worth it till the end. He said he has no regrets. (DHA/UAV)

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