Prof Dr. Tevfik zlü’s ‘reminder dose’ warning: cases will rise

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health Prof. Doctor. Tevfik zlü emphasized the importance of vaccination, saying that COVID-19 is very common. Noting that they are not permanent in healthy and young individuals, Prof. Doctor. zlü said risk groups should update their vaccines.

Reminding that the virus is highly contagious, Prof. Doctor. Ozlu said:

No more restrictions, no shutdown, no mandatory use of masks. Risk groups need to protect themselves. He will keep his distance with other people, wear his mask, ventilate his environment in social areas or will not enter closed places. He will look into these and will definitely update his comments.

If you are young and have a healthy immune system, you have been adequately vaccinated; You can create reminder doses again. I don’t necessarily recommend that you take the reminder dose. But if you are in the risk group and at least 6 months have passed since the last dose of vaccine; Go now and get your vaccinations. Do these vaccines provide enough protection? Definitely.

As for the other variants, the newly released variants may slightly escape the influence of their lover. But the vaccine has an effect that we cannot measure, it also affects T cells. Therefore, the vaccine is not completely ineffective. currently available vaccines, if it is time for a reminder dose; should be given to at-risk groups.

The virus didn’t leave us

Eid intervened, there was severe traffic throughout Turkey. People came with neighbors, spouses, friends, relatives and celebrated the feast. They kissed, hugged, ate, drank. A very favorable contamination environment has been created. Now after the holiday family diseases have started. I think it will increase further in the coming weeks.

I think the number of cases will increase even more. This is a situation that is expected to increase the number of cases with the autumn season. Not just for COVID-19; Also for flu and other respiratory infections. We have always known this; It starts in October and remains high till March. It has become such a cyclical disease. Now we have to be careful. The pandemic is not over. The virus is circulating among us. The virus did not leave us. But not the old virus. It seems to have lost most of its disease-causing power.

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