Postpone Everything To The Last Moment, Adrenaline Rush

Postpone everything to the last moment, adrenaline rush

Postponing everything to the last moment sometimes becomes a real lifestyle. People who have this habit, no matter how hard they try to organize their day and behave differently, cannot. They organize themselves for a few days, but then they go back to old habits.

People used to putting everything off at the last minute  live on the edge. There are two modus vivendi of this type. On the one hand, there are procrastinators, who put off everything they have to do compulsively or never get anything done. On the other hand, there are those who have an adrenaline addiction, that is, who, in a certain way, take pleasure in feeling that time is slipping away from them.

In both cases it is a behavior that affects the quality of life, sometimes even severely. It is not always possible to be in control of the situation and the consequences can be severe. Not to mention that life becomes chaos: postponing everything to the last minute contributes to mental disorder and prevents the individual from taking advantage of the time available.

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Procrastination and adrenaline

It is said that a person is a fanatic of danger when he deliberately searches for situations that put his life or peace of mind at risk. Speaking of risk takers, the first people that come to mind are those who play extreme sports or do dangerous jobs. Those who usually postpone everything to the last minute often also belong to these categories.

Apparently, living on the edge is a source of pleasure; walking on the edge of a precipice without falling, while experiencing the risk of falling into the void on your own skin. For some people it is a compulsive need. That is to say, they cannot avoid doing this. They take pleasure in hearing that they can maintain control in extreme situations.

It must be emphasized that when you are in extremely risky situations, the body secretes an important dose of adrenaline. In turn, the production of adrenaline stimulates the secretion of dopamine. The latter is a substance that significantly improves mood. The state we find ourselves in when dopamine is in circulation is very pleasant. Deliberately putting yourself at risk, if all goes well, can therefore be highly satisfying.

Some people who have a habit of putting everything off at the last minute have an adrenaline addiction. They believe they perform better when they are on the edge, so they find great satisfaction in getting the better of the risk. And, of course, this also happens due to the increase in dopamine.

The procrastinators

Other people have a habit of leaving everything for the last second simply because of their tendency to intentionally postpone their commitments and activities. These are subjects who have more time available than they actually need to complete their tasks and who, therefore, decide to get to work only when they have just the necessary time. If in the end they do not calculate the timing well, they even run the risk of never completing certain tasks due to lack of time.

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This is not about lazy or careless people. They are simply individuals who make this attitude a way of life and, therefore, it is impossible for them to behave differently. They feel anxious, stressed, and even embarrassed about putting off their commitments. However, they cannot avoid it. If they finally manage to get something done, they are so exhausted that they have to postpone the next task. And history repeats itself.

It is not distraction, much less carelessness. Procrastinators calculate time obsessively. They know perfectly well when the time comes when the time needed and the time available coincide. They let the thought of what to do torment them. They never lose sight of their commitments. They simply wait to get better before starting their business. In the end that moment never comes and it is the approaching deadlines that make them put to work.

What consequences does postponing everything to the last moment have?

Both in the case of people who tend to postpone all their commitments due to adrenaline addiction and in the case of procrastinators, the consequences sooner or later become evident and are also generally quite severe. It is not always possible to do what we had promised ourselves and this generates disorder and difficulties in the organization of life. In the case of adrenaline addicted people, unexpressed anxiety prevails. Risky adventures are a way to overcome unresolved conflicts that cause anxiety. The danger only helps to allay this feeling that comes from within.

Many procrastinators, on the other hand, are highly insecure people. They fear that their performances are not brilliant and therefore postpone their commitments. This is also the excuse they use if they don’t get the desired result: “It’s just that I did everything in a hurry and I felt a bit pressured.”

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In both cases, these are problematic behaviors because these people will not only have a chaotic life, they will make others not trust them. This attitude also reduces the chances of obtaining optimal results and carrying out complex activities that require constant and continuous commitment.

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