Positive people who feel younger live 7 years longer

Research from Seoul National University in South Korea found that people who feel younger than their chronological age show fewer signs of brain aging than those who feel at or older than their actual age. feel.

According to the news published in the Daily Mail, research has shown that having a positive attitude towards aging means that you are more likely to age well.

People with an optimistic outlook on aging live an average of seven and a half years longer than those with negative feelings about their later years.

Dr. Becca Levy from Yale University in the US also offers several tips to help you strengthen your positive attitude towards aging.

1. Keep an Age Diary to Determine Prejudice

Be aware of negative age discrimination around you. This may take the form of vulnerable or victimized images of older people, or there may be age limits on job applications.

2. Yes, You Can Learn New Things

Stop using ageist expressions like you can’t teach an older dog new tricks, and if you stumble, accept that you stumbled and you’re not the type to fall.

3. Old, Target is Smart

Aim to stay positive about aging at every opportunity. In Japan, older people are treated like rock stars and there is a national holiday called Respect for the Elderly Day every year to celebrate their achievements.

4. Choose Four Positive Role Models

Positive role models not only make us feel good; They really help to change our behavior by motivating and motivating us by examples of people who keep on growing and achieving goals. These could be elderly relatives, neighbors, movie stars, public figures, now or throughout history.

5. Don’t Blame Aging

Don’t blame your age. If you lose your car keys, miss an appointment, or forget a name, telling yourself you just had a moment of forgetfulness can be blamed for focusing elsewhere, Which can happen at any age.

6. Meet Different Generations

It is extremely helpful to continue looking for ways to make a connection between the age ranges. It helps different generations to develop a positive opinion about each other.

7. Pay Attention to Age Discrimination

Be very careful in situations where you may be subjected to age discrimination rather than getting older. Doctor An 85 year old man who went to see his doctor for pain Your knee is 85 years old. what are you waiting for? it is said. If the man is there, yes, doctor, but my other knee is 85 years old. He replies that it doesn’t hurt.

8. Always Had Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday Don’t hide your age, it only sends a negative message about aging.

By embracing your true age, you own it and continue to challenge other people’s expectations of what someone your age can think and do.

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