People Without Empathy Who Treat Badly

People without empathy who treat badly

If people without empathy treat you badly, remember that the responsibility is not yours. They are the ones who are wrong, who have something “wrong”. It is not you. It is not your fault.

A mistreatment, a bad gesture, a bad word are never justifiable. Yet, too often it happens to give validity to the bad words and bad gestures of others.

When we pay attention to these behaviors, people without empathy  can even take pride in their attitude, believing that they are right and that their words reflect reality. Nothing could be more wrong. Their deeds and words reflect their internal conflicts.

Let’s see how to behave in the presence of people without empathy.

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Why is it better to ignore people who treat us badly?

Words that want to hurt, judgments, unsolicited opinions and criticisms thrown directly against us should not receive any credit. It does not offend those who want, it offends those who can, and giving credit to people who treat us badly means giving them the opportunity to hurt us. Once again.

Yet, the discomfort that these people generate in us is not entirely in vain, since a lesson can be drawn from it. Some people, in fact, come into our life to teach us not to be like them.

Because respect for others and good manners are essential values ​​to face life in a healthy way, to feel full and at peace with oneself. By their actions, people who treat others badly punish themselves.

They may not notice it, but negativity runs through their mind and prevents them from knowing the feeling of satisfaction and fullness that reaches those who respect others.

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Safeguard yourself by ignoring people who lack empathy

The best way to protect ourselves from people without empathy is to not allow them. Emotional bonds are important and we must take care of them, so it is important to ignore people who compromise our self-esteem and to distance ourselves from them.

Those who sow doubts, malaise and boredom do not deserve to be next to us, otherwise they will poison us. People who want to harm us do it for their own sake, and they won’t stop until we stop them.

In this sense it is important not to give importance to their actions, instead learning to focus on what we can learn from them and taking advantage of the opportunity to grow and work on our self-esteem.

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Betrayal, coldness and bullying are sharp daggers that, when driven in, burn with intensity. But what hurts the most is knowing that we don’t really know the people around us, the ones who show their true nature only when they no longer feel interest in us.

By recognizing that there are people without empathy, we will be able to analyze the situation and anticipate their reactions and intentions. Our shield is the ability to ignore and anticipate bad words or actions.

This process, linked to relational disappointments, is painful, but it will help us to review our priorities and to look for new nuclei on which to deposit our trust. Not an easy task, but certainly necessary.

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