Patients’ relatives stuck in the emergency room

According to the information received; NB and his brother FB, who brought their relatives to the Medical Faculty of Erciyes University Türkan Mehmet Büyüknalbant Pediatric Emergency Service; Security guard Nevzat H. (42) was attacked, who had warned him to wear a mask. Security guard Nevzat H., who fell to the ground from the blow he received, suffered head injuries. While a large number of police teams were sent to the spot with the notification, the NB and FB who allegedly thrashed the security guards were detained.

Giving a statement after the incident, Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine Head of Hospitals Assoc. Doctor. Fatih Horozoglu, a heinous attack happened in our hospital today. When relatives of patients want to enter without masks, our security guard friends; When he said that it was not right for them to enter this way, and that a person should accompany the patient, two relatives of the patient attacked him. He said he had suffered a serious head injury. (UAV)

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