Patient was also detected in Turkey: Monkey pox concern explained

US officials made a remarkable statement about monkeypox, which emerged and spread rapidly during the days of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

With tens of thousands of cases reported in tens of countries, including Turkey, the World Health Organization also issued a strict and immediate warning and called for prevention of the disease.

The statement about monkeypox disease, which was determined to be transmitted by physical contact and presumed to be sexually transmitted, came from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC). One of the CDC’s top names, Dr. John Brooks announced that monkeypox, most commonly seen in men, was transmitted to a pregnant woman for the first time in the United States.

Brooks, Monkeypox virus detected in a pregnant woman preparing for childbirth. The baby was born healthy. He said that the mother and child are healthy. The official also said that no monkeypox was found in the child. Doctors also said that they applied treatment methods to enhance the immune system of the newborn.

can be fatal

The virus, first seen in humans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1970s, has grown significantly in West Africa over the past 10 years. The disease manifests itself as a skin rash on the face and rest of the body, and also causes symptoms such as fever and headache.

Although the monkeypox virus, which comes from a family of viruses similar to smallpox, is less lethal, the mortality rate in the Congolese variant, which is one of the two types, can reach 10 percent.

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