Patience: The Art Of Waiting

Patience: the art of waiting

Patience cannot be considered one of the strengths of today’s society. Being impatient only brings suffering and dissatisfaction. Impatience prevents us from enjoying the present, due to ever-fixed thoughts about the future. And when that future comes, it rarely satisfies us: we can only focus on what comes next.

Patience is a necessary quality to be able to live in the here and now, fully enjoying the present moment, living it, feeling it and becoming aware of it. For this reason, it is necessary to give more strength to the attitudes that allow us to focus in the present moment.

Life at a frenetic pace

The phrase “time is money” suggests that there is no time to waste. It seems that we have been programmed to do and do, without ever being able to stop, so as not to waste time or money. All this forces us to live at a frenetic pace, endangering our health.

This dynamic is slowly leading us towards self-destruction, because the pace and time of life cannot be accelerated. Even if we would like to go faster, everything has its own rhythm: we run the risk of living in suffering and frustration due to what we have not achieved, rather than enjoying what is within our reach.


We don’t know how to wait, they taught us to run, to live under stress and chased by the nightmare of deadlines.  We therefore lack the time to stop and meditate on the decisions to be made, on the expected results, and we want everything to pass quickly even if it means making a mistake or missing out on the great opportunities of life.

I want it “now”

We have transformed society into a world of “Now”. We can’t wait until tomorrow, when we will be home, when a person arrives … It seems that everything presses us to resolve everything immediately, doing everything “now” and without taking time to think, almost as if to get rid of an anxiety that oppresses us.

We talk or text while walking, driving or even having a coffee with friends, because no one has taught us to wait. Furthermore, technology supports the concept of “Now”. We are in constant communication with anyone, traceable at any time, without ever being able to find time to disconnect and be alone with ourselves. In an attempt to anticipate tomorrow, we do nothing but miss the present.

Society instigates impatience,  frenetic pace, stress… and we let ourselves be carried away without paying attention to the consequences, until suddenly we are struck by them. Sooner or later we are overwhelmed by the awareness of not having lived for us, but rather for others , for the system , for the company .

As if that weren’t enough,  not knowing how to wait will lead us to face physical and mental consequences.  Illnesses and personal and interpersonal conflicts will arise, since not everything is as we would like and others will not be able to give us everything immediately.

Patience: living in the waiting room

However, it is possible to live life with patience waiting for things to happen naturally, without forcing them, without pressure, and often without even looking for them. After every sunset, there is a sunrise, and this does not depend on us: we can only enjoy the moment and, in the meantime, appreciate what we already have, all those things we have forgotten about because we are too busy expressing the desire. following.


To nurture patience, it is necessary to lower the pace, concentrate in the present and live it with conscience. With the certainty and tranquility of knowing that the future will come on condition that we accompany it with good healthy practices and positive attitudes.

Patience allows us to live life actively, but patiently. We set out, we continue to move forward and accompany life, adapting to its rhythm. You don’t have to want reality to go differently, it’s about knowing how to wait and stay calm, letting things happen when they need to happen.

Be patient, let it flow

Letting time go by does not mean “standing still and watching life go by”. Flowing with time means making choices and at the same time giving up, choosing the route you want to take.  And start walking at the pace that suits us, that is, calmly, without expecting to arrive on a specific day. It is not about staying still, but walking at a slow pace.

Being patient means knowing how to wait for opportunities to arrive. It also means knowing how to enjoy the moment they happen, neither before nor after. Being patient means observing life and learning from it, following its natural rhythm.

“Whoever has patience can get what he wants.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

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