Other People’s Personality: Discover It In 5 Situations

Personality of others: discover it in 5 situations

A lifetime is not enough to finish knowing ourselves, much less others. Sometimes we are surprised by the behavior of some people we thought we knew well. This is why it can be interesting to pay attention to situations that reveal the personality of others.

Nobody shows himself completely as he is, that’s obvious. We come to understand others over time, through their shared actions and circumstances. Some of them, from this point of view, are particularly revealing.

Situations that reveal an individual’s true personality are normal and everyday, but capable of putting people at odds. They allow us to see beyond appearances. Do you want to know what they are? Take note, we show you five.

Situations that reveal the personality of others

1. Serious disagreement

Faced with a minor divergence, each of us is capable of showing a mature and diplomatic face. Maybe we get a little irritated, but if the matter doesn’t touch our vital interests or question our image or our well-being, we can manage the situation in a civilized way.

Things change when a truly serious conflict arises, something that is perceived as a real and objective threat. Not all of us pass the test. There are those who remain paralyzed, those who explode. Therefore, a serious problem is the best personality detector.

Angry couple turning their backs

2. A competitive game

The game does not seem to belong to a very important sphere of life, and perhaps it is, but in principle. The truth is that the human being is what he is also thanks to games. It is precisely the games that teach us to respect or break the rules, to take a stand in front of them and our opponents.

If you want to get to know a person better, offer him a competitive game. Observe what he is capable of doing to win or how he behaves if he loses. The game will also allow us to see how he copes with the competition, the feelings or emotions involved.

3. The disease

The true character of a person is revealed in the case of illness, whether it is his own or someone else’s. It is one of the most vulnerable situations of the human being: it tells us a lot about the nobility and capacity for empathy of other people.

There are those who get scared and turn away and those who protect themselves by showing off indifference. There are those who become intolerant and are unable to get in tune with those who suffer. All of this reveals a lot about the personality of others.

Sad man in bed

4. Assemble a piece of furniture

Here is another activity that we can consider ordinary and of little importance, but which offers us a lot of information about those around us. To assemble a piece of furniture you need patience, method, perseverance, ingenuity, tolerance. Especially if done together with others.

By assembling a piece of furniture, you will discover whether the person in front of you has these virtues or not. You will also realize how it behaves if you lack these abilities. In short, put together a piece of furniture and you will understand if the person is a good problem solver.

5. Economic difficulties

When a person is broke it shows who he is, no frills. This is, above all, a test of personal security, trust and character. Those who believe in themselves, in their abilities, do not get too upset when they have economic difficulties. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry, he just doesn’t despair.

There are people who measure their worth and skills based on the material resources they possess. When resources run out, they can’t find their own place in the world and start going blind. They are insecure, terrified and disheartened. That is why it is indicative to observe how a person acts in this circumstance.

Man thinking about money

Those presented are small situations, let’s say, “control”. In each of them there are elements that lay bare the human being. So, if you want to get to know someone better, nothing better than observing their personality in these moments.

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