Old Souls, Sensitive Souls

Old souls, sensitive souls

Did they tell you that you are very mature for your age or that you are too immature? You may have heard of “old souls” and “young souls”, depending on the level of intelligence, sensitivity, intuition or relationship with the age in which one lives.

Of the two concepts, the one that probably attracts the most attention is that of “old souls”. The origin of this expression belongs to the Taoist religion (which was born more than 5000 years ago, in China); according to this belief, the soul abandons the Tao, that is, the global and natural unity, and undergoes different experiences.

Since Taoists believe that everything must go back to its roots, the ultimate goal of the soul is to make another journey to Tao, but only after it has become imbued with all knowledge and all life events. The soul passes through 5 ages and, by reaching the last, perfection is achieved.

In this case, the person has multiple levels of perception; moreover, it is distinguished from its peers because it is more spiritual, it is concerned with finding its place in the world, it is aware that it is part of a great project that includes it and its main goal is to obtain inner satisfaction.

Taoists believe that many philosophers, scientists and artists are old souls who feel comfortable in these professions. It is important to point out that people with this soul love to learn things little by little, often challenge the established order and always rely on their experiences.

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5 characteristics of the old soul

In addition to possessing the characteristics indicated above, a real old soul:

  • She is extremely mature : from an early age, it is noted that this individual is not suitable for the world of children. He is bored with all the games arranged for his age, he wants more complex books because the stories are too basic, he has grown-up attitudes, he reaches conclusions that not even his parents would have imagined. All this is due to a great capacity for reasoning, which goes beyond the so-called “normality”.
  • She prefers to be alone and always enjoys introspection. Old souls do not need company, because their interiority is enough for them. They usually spend their free time meditating, deepening their feelings, reading about busy topics. They are very quiet and introverted; for this reason, they are often labeled as “shy”, but in reality they are simply identified with their inner “me”.

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  • Appreciate simple things : an old soul has a very strong spirituality, moves only for things that passionate her, chooses to work with what makes her happy and allows her to fulfill herself. He tries hard to master one thing, but then moves on to another activity. Because? Because he finds the journey more pleasant than the destination.
  • Her instinct is highly developed : she knows how to drive herself perfectly and rarely makes mistakes. It is a person who observes every detail, has the ability to create complex paintings in his mind. While all the people around see a forest full of trees, the old soul observes every plant and animal species, the earth, the sky, the wind and much more. Nothing goes unnoticed; it can even analyze a person or a situation in all its details, without being wrong.
  • He is very sensitive : his level of empathy is very high, as he is able to put himself in the shoes of others, understand them and help them. He understands what is happening better than others, sees beyond the events and knows the way of thinking of others. He knows how to forgive, lets go of harmful things and gives advice without judging.

Finally, it is also right to point out the disadvantages of being born with an old soul:

  • The individual does not get along with people of his age (usually, he relates to adults or the elderly);
  • He believes he is disconnected from the world (he does not share the views of the people he cares about);
  • He can get depressed or have problems with self-esteem (self-assesses using very strict canons).

Do you know any old souls? Maybe you think you are? Tell us in the comments!

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