Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible. If you don’t think so, you will live unable to move, to create, to evolve, to see your dreams come true, to be happy, to have everything you have always imagined. If you believe that something is impossible, you will never achieve anything and you will not see your dreams come true.

As they say, the impossible takes just a little longer to arrive, as much as you put into trying and making an effort. You have to want it and achieve it. You have to work hard and throw yourself, with or without fear, but always go for what you want, otherwise you will never know the results.

Believe in the impossible

If we are able to believe in the impossible, we will be able to turn it into reality. The only way that the human being knows to move forward in life, find triumph and be himself, is to believe in everything that seems unattainable and unachievable. Otherwise, we will never achieve anything and will always stop on the threshold.

What do you think Bill Gates or Steve Jobs would have told you a few years ago, when they were just kids with a dream? They believed in themselves, in their ability to triumph, in their willpower and in their talent to be able to see their dream come true. And they succeeded.

“The impossible is the ghost of the timid and the refuge of cowards … The word impossible is not in my vocabulary”

-Napoleon Bonaparte-

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Despite this, there is no need to go that far. In our daily life we ​​have examples of how many things we believe are impossible and of which we do not even dare to think. There are hundreds of people who live inconsistent, insignificant and unhappy existences, who dream of overcoming themselves and getting out of that labyrinth in which they are trapped, but they are unable to because they do not consider it possible.

If everything in your life is stress, weight, pain or unhappiness, don’t convince yourself that getting out of there is impossible, because it’s the first step to doing nothing. You will make up excuses not to move. You will tell yourself that you are safer in this way, that you will be accepted by society in this way, that loneliness is much worse, that you do what you have to do, but in reality you are scared and unable to react, believe in yourself and make the difference. impossible reality.

Forget the fear of failure

Only one kind of people fail: those who take no risks. Those who believe that the impossible is unattainable and who live a life of false security will never go wrong, they will not make mistakes, but they will not even enjoy the sweet taste of success, happiness and seeing the obstacles overcome and the goals achieved.

Those who are unable to make the impossible reality are identifiable. They have a great fear of failure. Envy corrodes them because they are unable to take risks and resent those who, instead, dare. You will hear them criticizing and insulting, but, in reality, they are inconsistent, they are terrified, they have forgotten their dreams and do not know how to react, so they use the security offered by the mass as a shield.

Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure.

-Paulo Coelho-

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If you believe in the impossible, don’t get carried away by the ferocious crowd that tells you how to act, what your goals must be, what goals you must achieve and what your limits are. You don’t have to focus on where the borders are, but on how to overcome them.

A person with dreams is capable of achieving the impossible. Failure and what others will say doesn’t scare her and she gets up again and again until she reaches her goal. Then, once reached, he will look for new goals that test his limits and abilities, because only in this way does he feel alive and happy.

People who believe in the impossible make the world go round

If you look back, how many people do you see who believed in the impossible and who therefore triumphed? We used to talk about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but they are not the only ones. Hypatia of Alexandria, Galileo Galilei, Marie Curie… There have been so many people who for thousands of years have believed in themselves and in the impossible  that it is incredible to think of something different.

Never forget that. Don’t stop dreaming because you think it is impossible. You have the strength, the talent and the means to accomplish everything you want in life. Never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t, because that’s not true. We human beings are always able to give the best of ourselves to achieve the unattainable.

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