No Subtitles Are Needed To Understand A Glance

You don't need subtitles to understand a look

The eyes of a laughing child are the reflection of the most sincere and rebellious happiness. The vivid gaze of one who cares for a loved one is like an open book. Man speaks through his eyes, in a language that does not need words or subtitles, but only the power of the emotions that arise within him.

The eyes are at the same time the strongest indicators of our state of mind. According to various studies, in fact, each of our eyes conceals a multitude of different emotions, good or bad. The eyes are our best way to connect with others, to show affection, disgust, fear or annoyance.

A doubt that arises spontaneously when linked to the field of psychology is  whether it is possible to deceive through one’s eyes. The answer can only be positive, yet it is something that happens in people who dominate non-verbal language. We invite you to discover other data relating to this interesting topic.


The eyes and the mystery of the pupils

Dr. Eckhard Hess was a psychologist and ophthalmologist who was intrigued by an observation made by his wife while he was in bed absorbed in his reading. Observing him, Mrs. Hess realized that the pupils of her husband’s eyes dilated at certain times and contracted soon after.

Dr Eckhard Hess, intrigued by what his insightful wife had observed, did not wait a single day to carry out a small experiment with his male students at the University of Chicago back in 1943. The proof was simple: he handed them a book. among whose pages he had hidden some images of Playboy girls. And just as he had suspected, the unexpected visual impact produced a fascinating and immediate pupillary dilation.

Eckhard showed that the autonomic nervous system, which has control over involuntary actions, is closely linked to emotional power. When we perceive data through our eyes that we find interesting – as in the experiment described above – or when we have a brilliant conversation, our pupils dilate. The same happens when our gaze “stumbles” casually on an exciting image, which we like or attract: our pupils paint the depths of our eyes black.

green eyes

The mystery of the pupils is a fascinating theme that clearly teaches us two things: first of all that dilation does not occur only due to the lack of light. Secondly, the pupils are intimately linked to our emotions and their dilation occurs involuntarily – this is the purest and most complete reflection of our drives and feelings.

Sincere looks are the bridge between two souls

A person’s gaze can become the path of affections, of inner calm and that peace that makes us connect with ourselves. On the contrary, sometimes the ocean of the iris turns into a path of disappointment and despair. The eyes don’t just tell a lot about our personal history, but also about our way of relating to others.

The way we look activates feedback mechanisms and is at the same time a signal of synchronism – or lack of it – between two interlocutors. The most harmonious dialogues are those in which people look into each other’s eyes, understand each other and empathize. On the other hand, there are not rare cases of people who tend to avoid eye contact, those with fleeting glances, who lower their gaze and avoid eye contact.

Sometimes social phobia, shyness or introversion are the cause of those looks that come and go, which do not remain on the same face for too long, out of discomfort, fear or disinterest. In these cases, it is very difficult to build bridges and weave a worthy emotional union between people.


Another noteworthy aspect emerged at the University of Cambridge, thanks to a series of research carried out by Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen. After twenty years of studies, it has been found that women are much more adept at deciphering emotions and intentions than men, simply by interpreting their gaze.

Both men and women had similar results in interpreting non-verbal body language. However, the eyes are part of that veiled universe, but full of meaning, which only the feminine and skilled gaze of a woman can intuit and decipher.  


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