No new cases of poisoning in Bolus

While there was no increase in the cases of poisoning in Bolu, 96 people were discharged and 44 people are under treatment.

No new cases of poisoning in Bolus

In the Saydart locality of the youth village of Bolu, Eid al-AdhaMost children had abdominal pain, nausea and bloody diarrhea for 14 days, starting on the last day. It was determined that children and adults taken to hospital at intervals were poisoned as previously prescribed. Although the exact cause of the poison is not yet known, but it is believed to be from water.

As a result of the examinations, intestinal infections were observed in children; In some patients, kidney failure started due to diarrhea. Those whose condition deteriorated were treated in hospitals in other cities. The number of poisoning cases increasing day by day reached 141 yesterday.

The number did not increase due to the lack of new cases. While 1 person out of 141 died 3 days back, 96 people were discharged and 44 patients are still undergoing treatment. Eyup Artem (49), who lost his life, was buried in Bolu.

Governor’s announcement

The following statements were made in the new statement made by the Governorship of Bolu on the subject:

“The treatment of 96 citizens has been completed, and the treatment of 44 of our citizens is going on in hospitals. Our 49-year-old citizen named Eyup Artem, who was sent out of the province for treatment, could not be saved despite all the interventions and passed away.

The treatment procedures of our citizens, who are transferred to hospitals in our province and out-of-province, are followed closely and carefully. with the administrative process initiated by our governorship, Bolus Republic The judicial process initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is on.

The clean water needs of our citizens living in Yuva Village are continuously met by our Governorship. The work of our respective institutions, especially the provincial health directorate, is proceeding cautiously.” (DHA)

Number of people consuming poison in Bolu increased to 130 you may be interested Number of people consuming poison in Bolu increased to 130

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