Never Run Out Of Threads To Embroider Your Dreams

Never run out of threads to embroider your dreams

Maturity taught me who and what my priorities are. Now I can take back the reins of my life with more courage and awareness, because this time I will use colored threads to weave a much stronger, more dignified and colorful existence.

Often, and without a specific age, there comes a time when we take stock of the “vital fabric” embroidered up to the moment. Suddenly, we realize that there is a profound problem between who we are and what we do : we don’t like it and it doesn’t make us happy.

Our life paths sometimes form intricate mazes of frustrations, fears and blocks in which we become permanently trapped. We lose the colored threads that in the past embroidered all our dreams and desires. It is then that uncertainty appears and the fear that corrodes and erodes …

Is this the life that awaits me forever? Have all my trains gone by?


I Senoi: translators of dreams

The Senoi are a Malaysian tribe that has always aroused great interest in anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists. One of the habits they have kept since ancient times is to get together every morning as a family to talk about the dreams and nightmares they had during the night.

Far from giving this habit an aura of magic or spirituality, the  Senoi want to understand the needs of each person through these dream images. To carefully analyze the description of each member of the family, this tribe used to climb bamboo huts to be far from the earth, away from the physical elements.

The wonderful thing about this practice is that, according to studies from various experts, the Senoi are an incredibly happy social group. These cathartic meetings allow you to “take back” the reins of reality  to get to know yourself better. There are no violent acts in this population and no one suffers from mental illness.

dream catcher

You will certainly be interested in knowing what techniques the Senoi use to deal with the fears that are often reflected in their dreams. If you want to deepen the subject, there are many interesting books such as ” Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork”, by psychologist  William Domhoff.

Anyway, here are some small examples:

  • Every threat that appears in a dream or a nightmare is a reality that we must recognize and manage.
  • Our dreams and our goals lie behind that monster or that shadow present in the dream that we must win to find our way.
  • If we dream of falling from a mountain or into a hole (images associated with anxiety), we should visualize for two days an image that, after the fall, we land on a soft and fluffy field of flowers.
  • Another advice of the Senoi is the following: when we dream and we realize it (lucid dreams), we must strive to make friends, to create bonds of affection.

Recover the threads that embroider our dreams

When we are assailed by the doubt and malaise between what we want to be and who we are now, there is only one option: change. It is not a question of leading to abrupt transformations, because “vital tsunamis” do not always guarantee success.

It’s more about allowing ourselves to flow as we approach small changes, new directions, new people, new thoughts. All this suddenly brings us dozens of new colored threads with which to embroider the dreams we had and which, for various reasons, we have put aside.

cone from which butterflies come out

Steps to start changing and achieving personal purpose

To generate change, however small it may be, we are forced to accept a moment of crisis. It is these threads that offer resistance, which stubborn and plant themselves in our skin trying to block us and prevent us from taking the step we need.

  • Do not fear the pain of detachment, there are threads that are cut because now they do not support any load. You have to let them go to find others much more beautiful with which to embroider better dreams, better projects.
  • Listen to your intuition, the dimension that connects directly to your emotions  and to the unconscious that the Senoi could interpret very well; it whispers truths that we don’t always hear.
  • We need to be clear about what we want for ourselves.  If you want peace, put aside those who torment you. If you want love, start by loving your person. If you are looking for recognition, work on your self-esteem. If you wish to be free, seek the key to your chains.

The threads that embroider our dreams are waiting in some corner, in the smiles of known and unknown people. Believe it or not, there are still many tracks on which the trains that bear our name pass; it is never a good idea to allow small minds to convince us that our dreams are too big.

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