Negative People: 5 Traits

Negative people: 5 traits

It would be unfair to say that a person is negative in his essence. All human beings have value and no one can be labeling someone else as incapable or useless. When we talk about negative people, we question an approach, not the people themselves.

It is also necessary to clarify the fact that when it comes to human beings, nothing is taken for granted, especially on an emotional level. Therefore, no person is totally negative or positive.  Both aspects coexist in each of us. What happens is that everyone chooses which approach they want to take the most.

In this article we will try to expose the main attitudes of negative people by remembering that  their main victim is the person who flaunts them. For this reason, it is worth evaluating whether we encounter some of these behaviors and understand that we could achieve a lot by changing this approach. To succeed in this, let’s see the 5 typical traits of negative people.

Typical traits of negative people

1. Seeking the impossible, a very negative view

There are many impossible things in life, but some people are unwilling to accept that truth that frustration is part of existence and that we don’t always get what we want.

Maybe we would have liked to be born into a millionaire family or grow up in an understanding and welcoming environment. If this has not been the case, there is nothing we can do about it. And if we get overwhelmed by nostalgia for everything we haven’t had, we will only end up filling ourselves with bitterness and suffering.

A whipped man

The same happens when we direct our gaze towards impossible goals. For example, we try to appear young when we are already old or we try to make a person behave as we believe is right.

Impossible resolutions bring only frustration and, therefore, also discomfort and suffering. All emotional states that feed a negative attitude.

2. To desist in the face of difficulties

Just as it is not sensible to set ourselves on impossible goals, it is also not sensible to give up when we are trying to achieve something and we have a great obstacle in front of us. Let’s not forget that all good intentions require great effort and that much of success is based on perseverance.

Many times in life we ​​tend to give in to the temptation to give up. However, it is not an option when we set ourselves perfectly achievable goals, although they involve overcoming some difficulties. Psychologist Hillary White points out: “Giving up will make the person feel defeated. No matter how it ends, facing difficulties increases self-confidence ”.

3. Take things too seriously 

If we haven’t strengthened our self-love and maturity enough, our ego turns out to be very sensitive. We do not tolerate bad figures and panic at the very thought of appearing ridiculous. We can’t even handle criticism, even when it is truthful and useful.

Woman who despairs because she presents the characteristics of negative people

Taking things too seriously increases a negative attitude towards others and towards oneself. It takes a lot of humility not to take small disagreements so seriously. Making a fool of yourself or being wrong only marks those who give a lot of importance to such situations.

4. Complaining as a way of life

We all complain sometimes. The problem arises when complaints become a way of life. In these cases, the vision becomes blurred and everything is perceived as negative. There are no other options, no possibilities. Attention is focused on misfortune, suffering and one’s own inability.

It is no longer a question of manifesting a state of suffering, but of adopting a negative existential position towards the world. In fact, it is a strategy widely used by negative people to justify the lack of progress.

5. Compare yourself to others and be hostile

Living according to comparisons with others is a very negative attitude. It implies a lack of autonomy and of proper criterion.

Through comparison, we evaluate and judge what we do only in terms of what others do. It is an unfair and frustrating experience that leads to an attitude aimed at constant confrontation with other people.

A girl sitting with a pillow in her arms

The worst part is that many of these comparisons only seek to despise others as a means of glorifying one’s situation. In other words, the misfortunes of others are transformed into a source of satisfaction, as others are placed in a state of lack or error, while one’s person is placed in a superior and privileged position.

As we can see, taking a negative position in front of reality only generates a state of constant dissatisfaction that does not allow you to advance and have positive relationships. A vicious circle that leads nowhere.

If you find these negative attitudes in yourself, don’t hesitate to work to change them. Having a negative approach won’t get you anything, but it will cause you to lose yourself.

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