Nancy Pelosi visits South Korea-North Korea border

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to South Korea after her trip to Taiwan, triggering tensions between the US and China. As part of his visit, Pelosi visited the Korean Neutral Zone, which is the border between South Korea and North Korea.

Pelosi said of the visit of the congressional delegation to South Korea, it was a privilege to interact with American heroes in Korea led by General Paul LaCameera, the Korean commander of the US military in Korea. During our visits to the Demilitarized Zone/Joint Security Zone (DMZ/JSA) and Osan Air Base, we expressed our gratitude to Congress and the country for the patriotic service of our soldiers serving as protectors of democracy on the Korean Peninsula.

Pelosi meets with South Korean President Yoon

Pelosi, who could not meet face-to-face due to the holiday of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yol, announced that she had a phone conversation with President Yoon. Pelosi, the delegation was pleased to have a telephone conversation with Korean President Yoon Suk-yol. During the meeting, we thanked the President for the hospitality shown by Korea to 28,000 US soldiers and their families. Each member interacted with the President, highlighting the areas of ongoing cooperation to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific.

“As the Congress delegation continues our visit, we strive to strengthen our partnership in the region and advance a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Pelosi said.

trip to taiwan

Pelosi, who began her Asian tour from Singapore on August 1, followed Malaysia with her delegation to Taiwan’s capital Taipei on August 2. Pelosi was received at Songshan airport by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, President of the American Institute in Taipei, Sandra Odkirk and other officials. Pelosi met with Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ying Wen, and Ying wore a medal of honor called the Pelosi Auspicious Cloud Order. By noon Pelosi had left Taiwan.

Pelosi, on the other hand, became the top US official to visit Taiwan, last visited in 1997 by then-US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich.

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