Most voters said ‘economy is mismanaged’

MetroPOLL Research shared the results of Turkey’s Pulse July 2022 survey.

In a Metropol Research poll on economy management, a majority of voters said they found the administration a failure.

In the survey, “Do you think the economy in our country has been well or badly managed lately?” had questioned. Only 22.5 percent of the voters polled said it was “well managed”, while the vast majority of 75.5 percent said “I think it’s poorly managed”.

AKP and MHP people also think they are badly managed

It is noteworthy that most of the AKP members who answered this question said “this is poor management”. While 46 percent of the AKP members who participated in the survey said “it’s well managed”, 51 percent said “I think it’s poorly managed”.

Most of the MHP supporters surveyed also believe that the economy is poorly managed. 69.3 percent of MHP supporters said the “economy is poorly managed”.

The vast majority of voters from other parties said the economy was mismanaged.

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