Monkeypox patient says: I am moaning in pain

While the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent outbreak of the monkeypox pandemic continues to be a cause for concern.

Monkeypox disease, which is usually seen in the middle or west of Africa, is spreading rapidly, Swedish Sebastian Kohn, who lives in the United States, tells of his experiences. Describing the symptoms after monkeypox and noting that he screams in pain from time to time, Kohn said: “I got monkeypox and it was like a nightmare. On July 1st I started feeling lethargic. I had fever and my muscles ache. I had lumps in my throat and it was difficult to swallow. I did a Covid-19 test first and the result was negative, he said.

Kohn, 39, said sores formed two days after symptoms appeared. I had painful blisters on my hip and anus. At first there was a feeling of itching. But later these bubbles started spreading everywhere. It came out on my head, arms, legs, chest, back. I only had 5 on my elbow. More than 50 sores had formed and I had a persistent fever.

Noting that the bubbles left a mark after they burst, Kohn said, it was becoming difficult to even move. “My every move was causing incredible pain for me,” he said. Saying that he has been ill since early July, when he was infected, and is still in self-isolation, Kohn underlined that he was screaming in pain and was recovering.

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