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Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, visited Basilar within the scope of the 100-day face-to-face program of the AKP Istanbul Provincial Presidency. The ministerial body made statements in Basilar Square.

We continue to build on our 46 national park project

To this day, they have brought together Istanbul with vast functions, and in the form of a ministry; Emphasizing that they put the issue of green space, which is the most important need of Istanbul, and they call for every Istanbul to have at least 1 square meter of green space, Minister Kurum said, today, we are well above this target. We are continuing the construction of our 46 national park project with an area of ​​18 million 241 thousand square meters. Today, we have completed the construction of our 13 National Park with an area of ​​2.5 million square meters. Of course, on the other hand, we are replacing the unhealthy and unsafe homes of the city. We continue to work on urban transformation in every district and almost every neighborhood of our Istanbul.

we will plant trees

Informing that they have started the work for the Love Forest Nation Garden which is 62 thousand square meters in size in Basiklar, the ministerial institute said, “We will plant 2 thousand 500 trees in the garden of this country. This area In again, we will serve everyone from 7 to 70 with our 780 square meter nation coffee shop. We will place our tender on 17th October and we will start our construction work.

Ignorance has replaced license in this holy city

Stating that Istanbul has an understanding that creates service after service and work after work for 25 years, Minister Kurum said that Istanbul is not in safe hands today;

*This rudeness is actually an attempt to stop the great march of our nation, which has been scorned and marginalized over the years, which started in 1994.

* Driver’s license has now been replaced by disability in this holy city. Passion has replaced determination. Success has been replaced by inefficiency! Perception instead of work, lie instead of service, excuses instead of project!

*While the essence of the Social Municipality was not read, the CHP-style Social Media Municipality emerged! This country separated the film makers from the film makers earlier, today separated them, I hope they keep separating them from now on. These people do not give credit to the makers of the film but to the people who do the work.

8 Projects for Basilari

*Basilar is an important center of urban transformation. Unfortunately, we have a lot of unhealthy houses and buildings in Basilar. We are currently continuing the change at 10 points in Bağcılar. We are aware of problems experienced in areas such as Albayrak and Efe Demircan sites in Bağcılar, and we are introducing changes to all sites with problems with our municipality as soon as possible.

*Currently we have closed areas in Basilar which have been declared as green zones, and we listen to the voices of our citizens. At present, we have built 600 reserve habitats, of which 300 belong to the Baciler, in an area very close to the Eenler-Bailer boundary. Thus, we have completed 300 out of 1000 reserved habitats targeted for Baclar. We will give these 300 homes to our citizens living in Basklar whose home or workplace is equipped with equipment.

* We will quickly demolish structures in vacant areas, and we will not build new buildings in their place. What are we going to do? We will create parks and green spaces worthy of our brothers from Basklar; We will present it to you. Basiklar is a fast growing population district, so the need of housing is increasing day by day.

* Our President will give the good news of the number, but I will give only this good news. Hopefully, we will both reduce rent prices and introduce our new social housing to Backler to make our retired, disabled, low-income, young and newly married brothers and sisters homeowners. Of course, today we have 8 picnic areas in Basiklar. You and your family go out there and have a picnic, you see.

*Now we have taken a decision together with our municipality, we will do landscaping in all our picnic areas and make them more useful. When my brother from Backler goes there, he will spend a lot of time with his family in the lush green surroundings.

*Basilar is a district that trains thousands of athletes of all ages and branches. Today there are two stadiums in our district. Our amateur sports clubs train in these stadiums, but we know that is not enough. We also make our promise here, that we are building a large and spacious training ground for our athletes, where there will be all kinds of opportunities.

* Now our sisters are thinking. He says what project do you have for us. Wherever we go in our country, there are three requests from our brothers and sisters that come up. Firstly, our female brothers and sisters who are working and want to work, want a crche and a day care center from us. He wants a park for his kids, he wants a pedestrian playground.

*At present, our municipality is continuing to produce the parks. We, hopefully, with our president, by our iler bank; We began offering financial support for new parks and kindergartens, and we promise to do more. I would also like to congratulate our Women’s Football Team and Amputee Football Team, which are currently competing in the Women’s Super League. We are at your service for all the needs of our teams. We will remain with them from now on. Our disabled brothers and sisters should never worry.

* We will never forget them, we cannot forget them. Currently, our Bağcılar People’s Palace with Disabilities serves our disabled brothers and sisters. However, when we compare it with the surrounding districts, Basklar has 7 times more people with disabilities. That’s why we call it a barrier free city, we call it a barrier free basicler. We have started construction of new disabled care homes for Bağclar, best wishes in advance. We are also doing our work fast for the youth of Bakular.

*At present, we have 165 thousand students, brothers and children in 22 mohallas in Basiklar. Our President also expressed the need for parks, reading rooms and libraries only for the youth. Here is good news for our youth. Our municipality has started determining the location. We also provide Bağcılar with 22 parks, including canteen, books, reading hall, green area and relaxation area. (DHA)

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