Minister Husband: There is a place and a time to experience happiness

10 drivers who stopped the ambulance in the wedding convoy in Ankara were fined 11 thousand TL.

In a statement made by the Ankara Police, a total administrative fine of 11 thousand 56 lira was imposed on a driver who yesterday obstructed the wedding convoy in the North Ring Road Pursaklar version in the direction of the airport, causing traffic to stop, and 9 drivers Those who put the traffic safety at risk by not allowing the ambulance to pass. Further, it was said that judicial proceedings were initiated against a driver.

Hospital Minister’s response

Koca made a statement on his Twitter account, and while the 112 emergency ambulance in Ankara was trying to reach the patient he had been assigned, a wedding convoy was stopped on the way. Because of this incident, we remind you once again: your ambulance is the priority in traffic. He said that emergency intervention cannot be postponed, there is a place and a time to experience bliss.

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