Minister Bilgin’s Minimum Wage Statement: We will make a new regulation

The TÜRK-İŞ 70th anniversary documentary event was organized by the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (TÜRK-İŞ) at a hotel in Ankara. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, Ergun Atalay, President of TÜRK-İŞ and officials of TÜRK-İŞ participated in the event.

The program began with a documentary about the 70 years of TÜRK-İŞ. Then President Atlay gave a speech.

In his speech, Atlay said, “Unfortunately, in my country, unions have been in the hands of Parliament, politics and the capital for half a century. Believe me, yesterday was there, it was the day before that and it still is today. As in, we are three-fourths of this country. Capital is so strong that they say what is needed of a union. When a place is held, they either put it in front of the door or in court. They do all the tricks you can think of. You go to court, it takes 7 years. Neither the inn nor the innkeeper lives in 7 years. The sugar syndicate stayed in the acary for 7 years. He said there was nothing left.

There were allegations that the unions were socialists or communists.

At the beginning of his speech, Minister Bilgin reminded that TÜRK-İŞ was founded in 1952 and said;

*Is this a coincidence? Turkey faced a multi-party democratic life for the first time in 1950. Turkey became a multi-party system in 1946. But the election in which the democratic system was implemented for the first time was the election of 1950, and then the TÜRK-İŞ was established in Turkey.

* In other words, associations exist with democracy. Workers’ movement flourishes in a democracy. When unions were first established, owners had a negative view of unions. Is it just your boss; Everyone had some prejudice.

* For example, there were claims that the unions were socialist or communist. Trade unionists were faced with such a claim. However, unions are a product of democratic societies. They are institutions of democracy. Which socialist authoritarian regime had unions? in none.

* On the one hand, Turkey is reflected in the economic crisis experienced in the West. On the one hand, there is a glimpse of the shocks happening in the world due to this epidemic.

*On the one hand, foreign exchange fluctuations are reflections of foreign exchange fluctuations, along with various events that are a part of operations against Turkey. On one hand the energy crisis in the world.

Economic problems are caused by the energy problem of a country that is delaying the production of nuclear power, seeking other sources and seeking its own national resources. Turkey’s need for technology that it wants to acquire outside of its core need for foreign exchange, the technology requirement that it wants to transfer to sustain its economic growth, and the amount of foreign exchange it receives. To do; These are the most important problems facing Turkey.

We will make a new rule at the end of the year

Minister Bilgin emphasized that as Turkey develops with its workers, it will pave the way for its workers as they will get their share of growing growth and prosperity;

Therefore, we believe in the power of development in a democracy, between labor and the state, and between labor and capital, to solve problems in a democracy. By the end of next year, we expect and expect these problems to be reduced even further.

* But despite all this, we will continue to protect our workers from the negativities that arise. Tomorrow, with the chairman and management; We increased the minimum wage of our employees by 30 percent, up from the 50 percent we did at the beginning of the year. We are talking about this increased vulnerability, which is over 90 percent overall, in the event of inflation.

* At the end of the year, keeping this in mind, new arrangements will be made. We will not crush our workers against inflation or capital pressure. Of course, Turkey needs growth, development and investment. For this capital is needed. We are not here to be hostile to capital, but we will be against capital’s enmity towards labour. This is the duty of the social state. (DHA)

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