Minibus and jeep full of passengers collide in Sariyar: 10 injured

The incident took place at around 17.30 am at Sariyar Hockey Osman Bayri Street. According to the information received, the luxury jeep with 34 GU 4970 license plate going from Secondary Road to Main Road was about to stop suddenly. As the jeep suddenly stopped, a 34M 2001 plate minibus and a passenger passing through the street collided with the jeep from behind when the driver lost control of the steering wheel. 10 people including a child were injured in the accident. On the information of nearby citizens, a large number of police, fire brigade and medical teams were sent to the spot. While the luxury jeep became unusable due to the impact of the accident, the glass of the minibus was broken.

no one died, thank you very much

Speaking about the accident, Sarier Motor Carriers Cooperative President Hakan Akkaya said, “The vehicle along with the jeep is exiting the side road. In such a situation, it cannot leave the secondary road and go to the main road. Our minibus hits him off the sidelines, as he goes on without stopping, never looking to his left. There were 12 passengers in total. In fact, those seats of ours throw you out of the seat as soon as you press the brakes. The driver was also injured, but is in good condition now. No serious injuries, the child was in the minibus and is in good condition. There was no loss of life or property, thank God, our injured get well soon.”

Minibus driver presses brake without panic

Remji Yolku, one of the passengers aboard the minibus at the time of the incident said, “The minibus was already running at its normal speed. The driver pressed the brakes without panic when the jeep suddenly left. Everything turned upside down. I was standing, I hurt my shoulder, I got outpatient treatment, I am a heavy thing, I have no problem. But some got injured,” he said.

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