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The Akkuyu NPP, which when completed will meet 10 percent of Turkey’s electricity needs, is in dispute over termination. The main developer of the project, which was initiated by the Russians 12 years ago, is Akkuyu Nuclear A.. said that it was decided to reorganize the reorganization of the participants in the construction works and announced that they have terminated their contract with IC çtaş.

IC çtaş nşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. In the statement made by the U.S., it was stated that the press release of Akkuyu Nuclear A.. stating that the contract had been terminated were legally invalid.

Unacceptable Share your social media accounts today, Good Party President Merald Exner used the following statements:

Technology transfer and hi-tech production are of strategic importance for the development of our country. However, the illegal termination in Akkuyu means the dismantling of the Turkish company and the halt of our country’s development in nuclear energy. this is unacceptable.

not sustainable

The asymmetrical relationship with Russia is no longer sustainable. I invite the Ministry of Power, with an awareness of its national responsibility regarding this issue, to immediately exercise its legal powers and, if necessary, take necessary steps to nationalize the power plant.

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