Mayan Wisdom: 4 Wonderful Principles

Mayan wisdom: 4 wonderful principles

Our ancestors left us wonderful teachings. It is amazing how the legacy left to us by Mayan wisdom is still valid and viable in our day. These are wonderful tips for dealing with the most difficult situations in the best way.

Mayan culture is characterized by a profound wisdom, from which we can still draw wonderful teachings to face life, in search of happiness and love.

In this article we want to share 4 wonderful principles of wisdom may a. A wonderful opportunity to face our ailments with a different look.

Mayan principles of wisdom

Being flawless with words

Every message we transmit accounts for who we are, so it is essential to think before speaking, so as to convey the right message. While it’s not always easy, the Mayans teach us that being flawless with words will help us relate better to others and to ourselves.

To have better relationships, we need to pay attention to what we say. That is, be careful about what we communicate and what we really want to say. In this way we will be more consistent with ourselves and with what we think and say.


This principle is also  a way to honor our words and ourselves at the same time. An important method that allows us to obtain greater self-esteem and awareness of ourselves, allowing us to improve ourselves. However, as much as we can be careful of what we say and how we say it, we must also be aware that it is not always possible to do so.

Nothing personal

Another of the principles of Mayan wisdom is to  never take anything personally. Others have the freedom to act as they want and that doesn’t always have to do with us.

It also means that we don’t have to feel at the center of the universe, as this puts us in a position to feel responsible or guilty for everything that happens. Believing that you are the center of the universe does not mean that you really are.

Each person acts in accordance with himself. We have to worry about our actions and not those of others, because as far as they are directed at us, they are still a reflection of themselves. When we stop taking it personally, we get to see things from another perspective and we grow.

Rather, we should rely on the fact that each of us is responsible for our own actions. If we stay focused on this, we can take charge of ourselves and not be overloaded by the situations of others, which can cause us discomfort. How many things do you take on? Are they only yours or are they also others?

Don’t make assumptions

When we indulge in assumptions, we pave the way for false beliefs, which generate discomfort. The important thing is to be aware of what we know or not.

Everyone has their own view of the truth, and when in doubt, the best thing to do is ask. Often what we think is a partial view of things. This is why it is better to compare oneself with others to arrive at a shared vision of things.

Always keep in mind that you cannot control events, let life flow. The ability to be surprised helps you to endure problems with greater peace of mind. Furthermore, it is useless to worry about what cannot be controlled. In the end, we only risk hurting ourselves with our irrational beliefs. You can’t control everything, the universe doesn’t depend on us.


Strive to the maximum

This latter principle is the one that encompasses all the preceding ones. When the Maya refer to maximum effort, they are not meant to exhort us to fight to exhaustion. Rather, they speak of an awareness of what we are able to give to achieve a balance with ourselves. It is not about doing a little or a lot. By trying too hard we end up running out of strength, while the opposite leads to frustration.

You need to find the right fit. For this, we must be aware of who we are, how we relate and what we can give. Thus we strengthen self-knowledge and allow ourselves to fight as far as we can, that is, having our limits very clear.

Well, not taking anything personally, not making assumptions and communicating in the right way will help us to know how far we can strive and in what situations to do it. Take advantage of every experience to open yourself to knowledge, learn from yourself and your skills. We need to know how far we can go.

Benefits of Mayan Wisdom Principles

The principles just described bring numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

  • They improve our life. Because they promote well-being through awareness and personal growth.
  • They promote assertive communication. By transmitting what we want to say in the appropriate way, facilitating communication.
  • They facilitate authentic and solid relationships. Because they help us understand what we can give.
  • They favor the achievement of balance. Teaching us what our limits are and how to overcome obstacles.
  • They help deal with problems. Promoting the decision-making process according to our possibilities.

Mayan wisdom urges us to face adverse situations and understand what life offers us every day. By applying these principles, we can get rid of some problems and add meaning to relationships,  with ourselves and with others. You too adopt this vision of life; it is an unparalleled way to know and understand life.

The principles of Mayan wisdom apply to everyone. They are a fantastic legacy that we can apply at any time. Remember that living a quiet life is entirely up to you ; only you know who you are, how you act and what are the irrational beliefs to fight against.

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