Many Things Could Happen Outside, But The Universe Is Within Us

Many things could happen outside, but the universe is within us

Happiness is not given like life, it must be conquered. The main requirement we need to achieve it lies in what we really need to achieve and we can find it within our own universe.

We assume that the human being is made to survive, not to be happy. For the former we are programmed; for the second we have to carry out a small “hack”. Whoever wants to enter the challenge of happiness must accept that the most important element is the creation of a vital sense.

José Luis Sampedro, Spanish writer, humanist and economist, already said that we are alive to live, to fulfill ourselves . Most of us have wondered from time to time why we are alive. Knowing how to answer this question will make sense of our existence. A proper and genuine sense.

Everything we see outside is just a reflection of our inner world, of what we think and feel. The defects and virtues that we see in others, we somehow also find them within ourselves. Despite the doubts and questions, most of the answers are already in our inner world, because the universe that is within us is really interesting already like this.

Taking care of ourselves brings peace to our universe

It may sound a bit ironic, but only we are able to upset ourselves, to allow emotional earthquakes to occur within us. The cause of our suffering lies not outside, but inside, in the way we deal with pain.

Other people can kill us physically, but on a spiritual level only we have the power to harm us and to impose order on us. Although it arises in our own mind, this illusory war generates unpleasant sensations, such as guilt, resentment, resentment, hatred, punishment and the desire for revenge.

Interpretations related to our emotional reactions lead us to suffer and come into conflict with ourselves. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own pain. Focusing on ourselves and taking care of our emotions, therefore, brings us closer to a deeper knowledge of our inner universe.

After all, the only thing we can change in our life is ourselves. Everything else is an illusory concept. We can get upset because we want a better world, where there is no injustice and more equality, but all of this gets out of hand. Instead, changing and improving our inner world is our own job, so achieving it gives us unlimited peace and a new method of dealing with situations.

Generalization is a threat to us, we get lost in the city of large buildings and with rules that are rarely said, but are imposed. On many occasions we do not behave in a way that is consistent with our values ​​because we want to project a better image: one of the ways the system uses to dominate us, the reward it offers us in return. Do this and do it this way, and I’ll take you into consideration.

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