mamoğlu’s reaction to ‘The Lost 1000 Days of Istanbul’

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem mamoğlu officially opened the “Gulten Ekin Library”, the construction of which was completed in Esenyurt Kirak Sehitler Mahlesi as part of the “150 Projects in 150 Days” marathon.

In his speech at the inauguration, mamoğlu made important statements on a range of topics, from the concept of a human-oriented “crazy project” to Esenert, where the most concrete examples of deformed construction in Istanbul are located.

New “Crazy Project” Concept

Imamoglu said:

*Sometimes people unfortunately lose their measurement values ​​related to the project concept. They do not understand what is a big project and what is a very small project.

* Today’s government has really put the society in such a mistake. And actions that are conceptualized as multiple structural projects oriented towards the future of society, perhaps doing more harm than good, are unfortunately put forward.

* But first, the people and concepts that touch people are unfortunately forgotten and pushed into the background. In fact, it is never brought up with the people, with our people.

*Who can guess that we don’t have a girl Gulten Akin here? Or some scientist, Usur Sahin or Izlem Turesi, who changed the world and saved the world from a great disease.

* We sincerely believe that many such concepts will come from Eisnert, Kirak, Imraniye and Baeksilor.

*Because if you say ‘where is the world’s biggest human resource’; In my opinion, one of their greatest resources, a gem of theirs, is in Istanbul.

“When You Stay Away From Trash, Meets Your Budget Beautifully”

Mamoğlu said, “We are carrying out this process by staying away from waste, nepotism and favoritism. It also adds abundance to our budget. “When you avoid waste, your budget is plentiful and then you realize you’re doing more than you’re planning to do,” he said.

“1000 lost days” message

Emphasizing that for 3 years, instead of a wasteful and opportunistic mindset, they have been managing a process that determines the needs and best controls the budget, and that they are faced with few constraints. encountered, and said:

*It has been in our lives from the very beginning. With the election of 2019 having two elections, there is an understanding that this step has been taken carelessly till date.

*But let me tell you this: A handful of people are campaigning after losing this election that this week is a huge loss for them.

* In other words, they are telling our people in a registered manner that this election, which they lost 3 years ago, is ‘1000 lost days’. They say; ‘It’s 1000 lost days for us.’ And they attribute it to the ballad.

*But 1000 days wasted for a few people; That is, not for our citizens. A big victory day for our citizens. It’s a period of a big win.”

“Not in 3 years, in 33 years they can’t forget this pain”

Imamoglu continued:

*Because we believe that every amenity of our municipality belongs to our citizens, and the change has started with the effort to build buildings belonging to the municipality in the neighborhood, not the buildings that are allotted or allocated in individual areas of institutions Libraries and open spaces open to associations, individuals, but also our citizens. ,

That’s why these friends lost 1000 days for them, not just 3 years, they will never forget this pain after 33 years. They keep talking about this pain every year.

*My sorrow is this: they do not learn the lesson. They can’t even go to the polls to see how many votes they would lose if they went to the polls today, the election they lost by about 10 percent of the vote.

* Come to your senses, make a difference, bring about a change in the axis, perhaps they will have taken a step towards the understanding of serving our people.

* But they have attitudes and behaviors that are far from that mental state. So, in a process in which we have fundamentally changed this understanding of people not being valued and disregarding equality and justice, in a process where opportunities are distributed fairly to all, we say:

*Come on, make up your mind. Try to be ethical, meaningful, political. At least not today then maybe 10-15 years from now you can again be a hope for our country. But they are not suitable for such an approach.

“wow why thanks?”

mamoğlu touched on the comments made as Iskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen also participated in the ceremony held yesterday for the opening of the stavroz wastewater tunnel, which ends the bloody scenes in the Bosphorus every Eid al-Adha, and thanked him .

Imamoglu used the following statements:

* What did the mayor do? He thanked us. ‘Whoa, why would you thank me?’ Actually, what I mean is this: the step taken is a logical step.

*In other words, the attitude of a virtuous mayor who shares the problem with me and shows a meaningful attitude.

*The second virtuous step is to come to the inauguration and thank both those who started it in the past and those who completed it today.

*To the hundreds of people of Iskudar and our fellow citizens of Iskudar who came to that opening to hear Ekrem Mamoglu, perhaps many of them may be members of my party; Talking to them is the third virtuous act.

* Those handful of people who are blind to see this, God knows what they are doing and are telling such people from behind the scenes. I am upset.

*See, these cities and these countries have suffered a lot due to political discrimination and favoritism. It still pulls.

* If the economy is bad, if the problem has escalated in this country, if inefficiency has taken its toll, then a path made entirely through the spirit of partisanship has brought it to us. The only way to get rid of this is to get rid of partiality.

“Example of AK Party Urbanism Approach”

Pointing to the problems of Eisnert, whose library you opened, mamoğlu said:

*If you add 300-350 thousand more to the official population of 1 million you will not go wrong. Because in the official population, there is no such concept as refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers or some guests, that is, students in that city.

* Eisenyurt is one of the centers of the AK Party’s understanding of urbanism that will be shown as an example to the world. I have been a witness to this place for 20 years.

*I have expressed here in many places at a time, but in my professional life, but in my social life, but in my political life, I have expressed the cruel process. We could not hear. My friends who fought here in the local couldn’t even listen.

* But unfortunately Eisnert suffered a huge loss. First of all, our people have suffered a lot in terms of construction, infrastructure and social life here. We are trying to reverse it.

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