Lu Jong And Health Benefits

The Lu Jong combines the observation of nature with movements from the shamanic tradition of Bön and the Tantric Vajrayana tradition
Lu Jong and health benefits

Yoga and meditation are two activities that, individually or in combination, are good for the body and mind. In this regard, today we will talk about a special type of yoga, Lu Jong. The name is the result of the union of Lu (“body”) and Jong (“training” or “training”). We therefore refer to the care of the body through training in different dimensions.

This technique was developed by Tibetan monks in the Himalayan mountains 8000 years ago and was taught solely by the master to a select group. We are therefore talking about a current with a long tradition which, having developed in a restricted environment, has not undergone many changes.

What is Lu Jong?

Lu Jong combines the observation of nature  with movements from the shamanic tradition of Bön and the Tantric Vajrayana tradition, and the knowledge obtained through traditional Tibetan medicine, giving rise to a series of positions and movements of a therapeutic nature.

By practicing correct breathing and moving the body in a certain way, it gets rid of physical and mental loads, while, at the same time, it strengthens itself, thus achieving physical and emotional balance. For many years it remained unknown in the West, until a renowned Tibetan physician, Tulku Lama Lobsang Rinpoche, adapted it and introduced it to the Western world.

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5 benefits of Lu Jong

The movements of Lu Jong are aimed at healing and relaxation, an aspect reflected in their name. They are divided into two groups:

Level 1:

  • Movements of the Five Elements.
  • Movements of the Five Parts of the Body.
  • Movements of the Five Vital Organs.
  • Movements of the Six Conditions.
  • Movements for Sleeping and Waking.

Level 2:

  • Movements for Prevention.
  • Movements for Pain Relief.
  • Movements to Distribute Nutrients

It allows the opening of all the chakras

Through the practice of Lu Jong, the opening of the chakras or energy centers and channels is achieved , making the three humors described by Tibetan medicine flow freely with the five elements which are earth, wind, water, space and fire.

In this way, physical, emotional and mental blocks are eliminated, achieving inner peace, reducing stress, improving physical, energetic and mental levels and ensuring an increase in positive energy, motivation, happiness, tranquility and lucidity.

Contains negative emotions

By practicing Lu Jong, the person associates movement, breathing and form in a simple but very profound way, favoring full attention, which in turn will favor the union of body and mind.

Consequently, emotions will be controlled and negative ones will be attenuated. Emotions which, according to Tibetan medicine, are the basis of diseases.

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It treats and alleviates spinal disorders

The spine is the energy axis of the body. By practicing this type of yoga, it is strengthened through the taking of certain positions and deep breathing.

In fact, pressure is created on certain points, so that each vertebra is massaged gently and the joints are lubricated, favoring the formation of a space around the vertebrae which improves mobility. The organs also receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to strengthen themselves.

In addition, the surrounding muscles and the center of the abdomen are toned. In addition, body posture is educated by correcting bad postural habits. It is therefore a particularly useful practice for calming back pain (so widespread in today’s society), significantly improving sensations in the lumbar area.

Improve physical fitness and eliminate the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

One of the great evils of modern society is a sedentary lifestyle, which is as dangerous as smoking. By practicing Lu Jong, physical activity is performed and well-being is achieved. Neither the age nor the physical form of the person matters, as it is suitable for everyone.

Incorporating the practice of Lu Jong into your life and enjoying its benefits is an excellent idea because, as T. Guillemets said, “For those who are wounded by civilization, yoga is the best healing ointment”.

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