Look For Joy Day By Day

Look for joy day by day

What is happiness and how do I find it? This is a question we all want to answer. We fill our lives with lists, challenges and ideas that we believe will lead us to happiness.

There are those who work from sunrise to sunset to get the money that will allow them to do what makes them happy. Others run the risk of leaving everything and pursuing the dream of their life; and then there are those who live in the hope of finding joy day by day.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means being willing to enjoy life regardless of imperfections ”.



Modern life distracts us

Nowadays, we live such full lives that it’s not that hard to feel lost. We live in a phase of constant concern for our affairs, for the achievement of success, to buy more and more and to satisfy our needs.

The result is that, at the end of the day, we are so tired and busy that we do not even notice the sources of happiness that surround us. The moments of joy flow before our eyes, but we do not see them.

“I look at life today and I realize that people are not willing to take responsibility for their own life. The temptation to blame external factors for problems is something very current. Personally I find it a very interesting vision of responsibility ”.

-Edward Zwick-

We are convinced that happiness comes at the right time. According to popular belief, this occurs when there are no tragedies, no worries, no shortages.

In reality, merriment is made up of short moments scattered throughout the day. Stop believing that you will be happy when you lose 15 pounds or when you reach the salary you are aiming for.

The real sources of happiness are found in small actions : having an ice cream with friends, hugging your children, looking at your partner’s face when he discovers the love note you left hidden from him …

Go in search of your moments of happiness

Cheerfulness is not constant. Probably, even after losing those extra pounds that tormented you so much, you will soon find a new goal to achieve.

Joy is not a final goal where perfection is in force. In reality, it is rather about understanding what life has in store for us, discovering and appreciating it.

“Joy  is our way of showing life that it cannot win over us, and the best way to chase away sadness”


Have no idea where to start to find day-to-day cheer? Follow these tips and you will begin to see joy in everyday life:

  • Live in the present
  • Disconnect from social networks
  • Go out with your friends
  • Talk to your family
  • Get rid of the past

Be grateful

Often  those who are unable to find reasons to be cheerful are not even able to appreciate what they have. If we don’t appreciate everything we have, by wasting our time complaining, our landscape will get dark.

We live in such a consumerist society that we are eager to buy something new every day. In doing so, it is easy to believe that happiness is found in possessing material possessions.

How many times have you been grateful for your work today? Maybe you just complained, why do you have to go back tomorrow?

The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, don’t start complaining – take a deep breath and think of a little thing you are grateful for.

“Thanks to the life that has given
me so much It has given me laughter and it has given me crying
So I distinguish happiness from regret
The two materials that make up my song
And your song which is my own song
And everyone’s song which is my own song
Thanks to the life that has given me so much “

-Violeta Parra-

Don’t wait for happiness, look for it!

It’s convenient to complain all the time about what you don’t have, what you don’t like. But that doesn’t help in the pursuit of everyday happiness. Instead of following this negative pattern, shift gears and look for new reasons to smile.

Ultimately, happiness is an attitude, but you will not find it by chance on your way: you will have to go out and look for it.

Happiness lies in being satisfied with yourself.

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