Little Ansel’s kidney gave life to 2 children in Konya

It was determined that Ali Garrin, a 5-year-old child from a non-family living in Adana, needed an immediate organ transplant due to becoming atrophic (small kidney).

Relatives who did not want their children to go on dialysis, wanted to donate kidneys. However, due to tissue incompatibility and various reasons, a suitable kidney could not be found.

Ali Gaar, who took life with drug treatment for more than a year, came to the organ transplant center of Akadeniz University and registered in the organ waiting line of the Ministry of Health.

children gave their lives

The Inan family living in Konya donated the organs of their children after the brain death of their 2-year-old daughter Asel.

After the tests were deemed appropriate, a kidney was transplanted from Asselin to Ali Gare, who was undergoing treatment at the Akadeniz University Organ Transplantation Center.

Asselin’s second kidney was lost to 8-year-old Ekrin Zenep Karadasa with polycystic kidney, who lived with her family in Isparta.

Asel nal’s heart was transferred to her name Asel Lina Adıyaman, who is 2 years old like her in Izmir.

Ali Gair’s mother, Belgem Gair, said the entire family lined up to donate blood, but did not receive a kidney due to various reasons.

Stating that after 1 year he had a smile of luck on his face, Belgeum Garr said that he was overjoyed when the news came and luck smiled at him, and preparations for a kidney transplant happened at the end. Thanks to the donating family. “God bless you,” he said.

Kidney waited 8 years

Ecrin Zeynep Karada’s mother is Fadime Karada, we live in Isparta. Ikrin was on dialysis for 8 years due to polycystic kidney. Upon receiving the information, we reached the Akdeniz University Organ Transplantation Center. Procedures were done and kidney transplant was done without any problems. “I don’t know how to repay my debt of gratitude to the donor family,” he said.

148 transports in 6 months

Describing the condition of both the patients as very good, the Director of Organ Transplant Center, Prof. Doctor. Bülent Aydınlı, we would like to thank the donor family. The charity he gave became a source of life for our two pups. Our patients are in very good health. Periodic checkups will continue even after discharge. 115 kidney, 32 liver and 1 heart transplant were performed in our center in the first 6 months of the year. 19 kidney transplants are pediatric. We wish all our patients a good recovery, he said. (DHA)

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