Lissa Rankin And The Theory Of Self-healing

Lissa Rankin and the theory of self-healing

It is not a new topic, in fact we talk about self-healing, or the ability of the human body to heal itself, since time immemorial. Now, Dr. Lissa Rankin has published a book called 

The mind surpasses medicine

mind over medicine

. The scientific proof that you can heal yourself , which takes up this approach.

Dr. Lissa Rankin brings up the eternal conundrum  of placebo drugs. It is clear that, for science, a person’s suggestion can act as a self-healing mechanism. However, the way in which this mechanism operates has not been studied.

How can the body heal itself? This is the central question of the research conducted by Dr. Lissa Rankin. His  book  talks about six essential steps for the body to heal itself voluntarily.  It also indicates the main measures to build a “preventive” mind in terms of physical health.

An emblematic antecedent

A case was documented in 1957 that became paradigmatic in relation to the infamous placebos. Doctor Philip West was treating a patient with a lymphosarcoma, which is a form of cancer. The  disease was at a very advanced stage and metastases had already started. The man was therefore in a terminal stage.

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However,  Mr.  Wright had heard of an experimental drug called  Krebiozen. And he began to insist that his doctor try it on him. Wright was not the suitable candidate for that experiment, but his insistence was such (he almost pleaded with his doctor) that the doctor agreed, knowing that he only had a few days left to live.

One Friday West gave him Krebiozen. On Monday Wright was extremely energetic and did not present any pain or other discomfort. He saw that the tumor had shrunk  by 50%. The most surprising thing was that, some time later, a study was published in which it was declared that the drug in question was totally ineffective. The patient became ill again and the doctor then deceived him. He told him there was a new version of the medicine, much more effective. He gave him distilled water and the patient got better again.

Despite all the evidence, the American Medical Association refused to give further credit to the facts. He therefore declared that  West had deceived his patient. Upon discovering this, he fell ill again and never recovered.

There are countless similar cases, which have been collected by Dr. Lissa Rankin for her study.

Lissa Rankin and self-healing

Lissa Rankin began to document the large number of cases in which the placebo effect had yielded positive results. These cases involved several serious diseases: cancer, hypothyroidism, diabetes, ulcers and even baldness and HIV.

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He also unearthed several experiments in which patients were told that they would be given chemotherapy drugs. In fact, it was a placebo. Despite this, the people in question began to lose their hair and vomit relentlessly after receiving the substance. All this led Dr. Lissa Rankin to affirm that the mind is capable of healing the body.

In particular, he points out that if the conditions are created for the patient to think he will be fine, then he will be fine, he will really be fine. The body receives this order, this instruction from the brain and acts accordingly. It also works in the opposite direction: if he thinks he’s sick, he’ll get sick.

The means to self-heal

Dr. Lissa Rankin points out several pathways that help the body be more efficient in this self-healing process.  However, he essentially insists on two elements that are considered fundamental in this mission.

The first element is preventive medicine. This includes all the wholesome practices incorporated into daily living. In addition to their effect on the body, these lifestyles lead people to feel healthy. In these conditions one is not very receptive to the disease.

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The second aspect relates to stress. According to Dr. Lissa Rankin, stress, in all its forms, has very harmful effects on the mind and body.  It negatively activates the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is the way the body reacts to a threat. However, the body cannot distinguish whether it is a relationship problem or an earthquake. Experience everything the same way.

Although Dr. Lissa Rankin’s studies were not formally endorsed,  most doctors agree that the effectiveness of the so-called placebo effect is a fact. It would therefore be good for everyone to increase studies and research in this sense.

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