Letter To My Life Partner

Letter to my life partner

I love you so much that I invite you to step on the dry leaves in the afternoon. I love you when we go out for a walk, when we talk about love, while we still walk. I love you when we laugh out loud, drunk on nothing and when we stroll unhurriedly through the streets.

I love you like when I go with you to places I usually go to and when I tell you that that’s where I sit and think of you. I love you so much I could hear you laugh all night. I love you so much that I never let you go again. 

I love you as you love certain loves, old-fashioned, with the soul and without looking back. 

Jaime Sabines. Mexican poet.

You mean a lot more to me than I can put into words. The arms that take care of me and the whispering that encourages me.

Because we form a great team and because we are so much more than that. In us is the passion of the lovers, the madness of the engaged couple and the compromise of the spouses. You and I will always be children, a little bit teenagers and, at times, too serious adults. But first of all we are life companions. 

You are the best mattress for my falls. My winter jacket. A breath of fresh air in times of hell. My sun and my stars, the same ones that fill me with vitality.


That’s why you can count on me. Not up to two, not up to ten, just count on me. On my shield, on my back and on all my cavalry.

Between us we speak a different language with special words and phrases, built exclusively and reserved only for us.

I miss you very often and you are never too many. This makes you wonderfully special. With you I think, talk, cry, dream and dance to the sound of any melody. We are our past, our present and our future.

We are perfectly imperfect

Together we are perfectly imperfect, and not because we have no problems, but because we have been able to solve them. Love is made up of ups and downs … for this we must do our utmost, working together to overcome crises and discussions.

As is normal, I don’t love all your behaviors, and neither do I love all mine .. it would be crazy! But there is something that I would not change for anything in the world, and it is being able to live by your side any expression of life. 

You get angry, I get angry, and sometimes we both get it wrong.  Sometimes we don’t keep our promises as we should, but we know how to grow together, overcome our imperfections.

You hold me up and I cling to you

And my voice is your voice. The childhood of my spirit. That tenderness I feel only for you and for our moments. We both know that if there is something that sustains us it is the complicity of everyday details. This is the love of a couple.

If your world collapses, come to mine and let’s build it together. It works like this. 


I love you as far as your flaws go 

Because our relationship has that point that, in psychology, they call acceptance. You are unique and this makes you exceptional. Because if I wasted my time making parallel judgments I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the present with you.

In you I do not seek my desires, nor do I want to fill my voids. We are both full and complete people. Changing and maturing together is an infinite pleasure.

And no, I don’t need you, but I prefer you and I choose you to enjoy the landscape together. Because this is love, loving without being dependent and feeling loved. To love without emotional chains and with the limits that chance imposes on us.

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