KPSS out of Babakan: State will have to pay compensation

DEVA party president Ali Babakan spoke about the KPSS, which was canceled as a result of the scandal, in his speech in Muş.

SYM’s new beginning from Babakan: ‘Center for the distribution of first questions’

Describing a new opening of SYM as a ‘dissemination center for questions in advance’, Babakan said:

“Look at the KPSS scandal that happened for the last two days. There is a place called SYM. Possibly called: Center for Disseminating Questions in Advance. We had announced this on the first day of the formation of the party. We said, ‘We’re going to cancel the interview. Because you’re trolling the interview, dude. KPSS gets 85, 90, 95; They do it in interviews. Why? ‘I think your political point of view is not close to ours’. Why? ‘You are from such part of the country’. this is sad. If you are a citizen of this country, then you have to bring the state and the citizen together with equal honesty as an equal citizen. You must give justice to the righteous. We will remove his interview.”

‘We file a criminal declaration immediately’

“They have demolished the entire institutional structure. There are 20 questions and one publication, the same material is asked in KPSS. Does something like this happen? We called yesterday. Mustafa Ergen, the president of our education policy, said ‘clarify it as soon as possible, solve it’. We lodged the complaint immediately. damn.”

‘If you make so many people suffer, you have to make up for it’

“Today we will renew the ‘KPSS exam’. We will not be paid,” he explained. one minute! It’s not just the fee… it’s not enough. Our citizens spent money to give exams. Maybe he had to go to another city. If you have hurt so many people, you have to make up for it. It is not enough to say that I do not get money. Whoever spent time, spent 1 day, spent money, the state also has to pay compensation. ‘I won’t get paid’ is not enough. They have to pay a fine to regain consciousness.

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