Kayseri. increase in public transport

Labour, maintenance, spare parts etc., which are the main expenditure items of public transport. According to the new tariff, which has been updated in such a way that the hike in spending will least affect public transport users, the full ticket has been set as 6.50 TL and the discount ticket as 3.25 TL.

According to the statement given by UKOME, the renewed transport fee will be valid from 8 August 2022.

Fees as per new rule:

“Full ticket: 6.50 TL, Discount ticket: 3.25 TL, Membership full (boarding monthly 140): 330 TL, Membership discount (boarding monthly 140): 155 TL, Full tariff of initial transport and connecting lines: 5.45 TL, Discounted student tariff For initial transport and transfer lines: 2.90 TL. (UAV)

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