It spread rapidly among people who had COVID-19: Pay attention to new symptoms

The coronavirus pandemic, which became a global pandemic after emerging in the last weeks of 2019, continues to spread rapidly with new forms.

While the number of cases has increased in recent weeks in many countries, including Turkey, scientists have made a remarkable discovery about the prolonged coronavirus outbreaks seen in survivors of COVID-19.

In research published in the famous medical journal BMJ, it was recorded that long-term Kovid-19 was seen in those patients who managed to defeat the corona virus. Experts declared that the long covid-19 syndrome can persist for a year, while the increasing number of cases of Omicron variants also affected the symptoms.

Officials announced that feeling weak and tired on waking up in the morning are the most prominent long-standing COVID-19 symptoms. However, it was noted that this weakness was defined as persistent fatigue.

Scientists said that if you wake up tired in the morning despite good sleep, then you may have a prolonged Kovid-19. Other long-term symptoms of COVID-19 include loss of concentration, memory loss, and loss of smell and taste.

It was reported in British media that people infected with the Omicron variant had lower rates of covid-19 over a longer period of time than those infected with the delta variant.

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