Istanbulspor Trabzonspor match live broadcast | super league week 1

The 75-day long craving in the Spore Toto Super League is over and the excitement is starting again. The league begins with Istanbulspor, who ended the Super League and eventual champion Trabzonspor’s longing at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. The Arda Brothers will manage the fight. Match start time is 21:00.

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TRABZONSPOR. I am missing 4

Trabzonspor has 4 missing in the first week of the season. Except for Marek Humsik, who is expected to be off the field for a month, Hossain Turkmen, Serkan Asan and Bruno Perez, who continue to be treated, are not in the squad.

For the first time since 2004-2005

The two teams are facing each other for the first time in the Super League since 2004-2005. After 17 years while promoting in the Super League, Istanbulspor could not win the last 7 matches played with the Burgundy-Blue team.

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