Isn’t It Wonderful To Dream When Everything Is Still Possible?

Isn't it beautiful to dream when everything is still possible?

It is not beautiful to dream when everything is still possible, when we can grasp everything simply by extending a hand, putting in a little desire and a little effort, when we have just embarked on a project and enthusiasm envelops us, pushing us to move forward, fighting the wind and the tides and nothing else matters?

All journeys begin with a first step, with a dream that we want to turn into reality. And it is in that moment, in that instant, when all our forces are concentrated on a single goal, that we understand that everything is possible if we struggle to achieve it.

Then, step by step, we begin to do whatever it takes to get closer to that goal, and no matter how far it is, because we have enough strength to fight. It is then that we understand that the impossible is possible if you fight for it and put all your effort into it.

However, it’s not all that good, on the first try we fail, and even on the second, we can even fail several times, and then what was possible becomes impossible. Yet, it used to be possible, so why shouldn’t it be possible anymore?

The difference between wanting and being able is to believe

The goal is the same, but it was us who changed; it is then that doubts arise and our inner monsters make room to allow the insecurities about us and our abilities to overcome the enthusiasm and hope we felt when we started chasing our dream.

And with time we begin to be our worst enemies, we have no more hope and we begin to sink into despair. It is then that, instead of dreaming, we begin to disseminate obstacles along our own path. That’s when we stop building bridges and hide traps along our path.

It is then that we no longer know that the only difference between wanting and being able is to believe, because if we believe we are able to fight for something, and if we actually fight without ever giving up, sooner or later we will get what we want. Because if we fight for something and put all of ourselves to get it, even the meager luck has to deal with the laws of probability.

Dreaming does not mean that you no longer have your feet on the ground

However, dreaming and fighting does not mean that you no longer have your feet on the ground. Fighting does not mean giving up being realistic, because we always know that our goal is complicated, but in any case we continue to believe in it, also believing in ourselves, giving an opportunity to the confidence to move mountains.

Self-confidence does not mean trying to grab a rainbow with your hands or bottle all the water in the sea. Our dreams are never too big if we are not too small to chase them. The time to fight has come, because it is now that we know what we want, while there are people who take a lifetime to understand it.

Fear and doubts can accumulate a lot of power when we start to find stones that stand in our way, but we must never forget that our dreams are built with the hope that what we desire is possible and that, if it is possible, it is not. of a dream, but of reality. Never lose hope, because then you will also lose your ability to fight and, therefore, your dreams.

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