Indigenous senator’s oath shocked Australia: Colonial Queen Elizabeth

A senator in Australia, Queen II of England during her oath. He used the term “colonialist” for Elizabeth.

Australian native and Green Party member Lydia Thorpe took the stage by raising her right fist to take the oath in the Senate, the upper house of parliament. “I will remain faithful and I will return to her colonial glory, Queen Elizabeth II. I solemnly swear that I will show true devotion to Elizabeth,” said Thorpe, to much astonishment in the hall.

Senate President Sue Lines asked Thorpe to repeat his oath as it was duly written. After a pause, the female senator took the oath without using the word “colonialist” and returned to her seat. Thorpe later tweeted, “Sovereignty has never been abandoned.”

The female senator has previously stated that Australia was a colonial project and that the country’s flag represented genocide.

Queen Elizabeth is also the head of state of Australia, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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