In Each Book There Is A Sentence Waiting To Be Ours

In each book there is a sentence waiting to be ours

Books and people have a lot in common. For example, both are infinite. For this reason, reading is not just a pastime, but can help us get to know ourselves better through the words of others.

Reading is a journey that can take us to unknown worlds, even within ourselves. A bbiate the courage to embark on this journey … The farther you take, the more profound will become your personality, and so can tear yourself away from what hurts you.

A book is infinite, it always has something to reveal

Borges also said so, who has always imagined paradise as a kind of library. And it’s true, because a library is ultimately infinite. In literature there are conquests, stories, loves, fantasies, thoughts; but, above all, countless options to write them.

When we enter a book, its author is giving us the opportunity to take possession of something that was once only his. It offers us its inner universe, so that every reader has the opportunity to know it, interpret it and, above all, reinvent it. Sometimes  in a book there are phrases waiting for us to become ours: they want to be discovered, because only in this way will we also discover ourselves.


Even the meaning of the word becomes infinite, because thanks to it we awaken worlds that we would never have been able to imagine without the help of a book. Isn’t it true that, at times, these infinite and unreal universes survive forever within us? It is good to take possession of these worlds, because they will lead us to remote corners of ourselves that we had never explored before reading.

Reading is an inner journey

There are situations in which the sadness we feel is so great that it seems impossible for us to be able to express what we have inside. As the poet Julio Cortázar said, “words are never enough when what you have to say overflows the soul”. For this reason, it is curious that it is the words that are able to make us return the enthusiasm.

Some phrases can help us see full a glass that until recently was only half empty, so we must be aware of the power these little giants have over people.

One of the best things about traveling is learning about the infinite realities of the world. Forms of life that until recently seemed impossible to us or that we had never even thought of, now arouse admiration or even curiosity in us. The same happens when we read, although in these cases the farther journey leads us to the deeper knowledge.

Accepting that within each of us there are paths that are difficult to walk is part of life, and the solution is not to move away from them, but to cross them. It may take some time, but the reward will be worth it and will make us accomplices to ourselves.


You are ready: change your world, turn it into literature

It is true that creating imaginary worlds may be easier than changing the real world, but basically everything around us today certainly originally had a utopian basis. Think about it, what if Columbus never wanted to prove the Earth wasn’t flat?

Believing in what seems impossible to us is good, because maybe one day we will be able to make it come true. The important thing is never to lose hope for what gives us reasons to grow.

We know that reality is subjective and that thanks to a positive attitude we will be able to model it on ourselves. For this reason, we must firmly believe in it and pursue our dreams, even if they sometimes seem unattainable. Choose the phrases of the books that most affect you and write your story thanks to them: you already have some ideas, the time has come to invent new ways to be happy.

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