Important meeting for military summit

The Supreme Military Council (YAS) is meeting this week. The tenure of the office of Chief of General Staff Yasser Guler will be extended by one year. There is also an expansion on the agenda of the Air and Naval Forces commanders Hassan Kukookause and Adnan Ozbal. If the expansion does not come, the Commander of the Fighter Air Force, General Attila Gulan Air and the Naval Commander Admiral Arkument Tatlaoglu are expected to become the Naval Forces Commander.

New generals will also be determined at this year’s AGE. During the promotion, Lieutenant General, 1st Army Commander Kemal Yeni, 3rd Army Commander Yavuz Turkgensi, EDOK Commander Sinan Yayla, MSB Security General Director Irfan Ozsert; The general position will be selected between Air Training Commander Semal Kadoglu, Air Force Chief of Staff Ismail Gunekaya and Air Force Assessment Chief Mehmet Zlü.

266 are normal

In the YAŞ, about 15 generals and admirals are promoted to a higher rank and each year about 50 colonels are promoted to generals and admirals. While the term of office of 40 generals and admirals has been extended, around 30 generals and admirals are retiring. TAF still has 266 Generals and Admirals. Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mahmut Ozer, Minister of National Education and General Musa Avsevar, who was the Land Forces Commander last year, will attend this year’s meeting for the first time. President Erdoan, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut avuşolu, Minister of Interior Suleiman Soylu are present.

kardak hero in promotion list

Kardak Hero SAT Commando Rear Admiral Ercan Kirectepe, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison in FETO conspiracy cases, is also on the promotion list this year. Kirektepe took down the Greek flag mounted on the Kardak rocks in the Aegean on the night of January 30, 1996, when he was in the rank of lieutenant, and because he had to go to the island in the Zodiac boat, which had no fuel. , he paid 16 million 730 thousand lira out of his own pocket and bought gasoline with his credit card. Kirektepe, who rose to the rank of rear admiral in 2018, still serves as the SAT commando commander.

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