If You Want To Teach, Never Stop Learning

If you want to teach, never stop learning

It is well known that it is very different to know than to teach. Often it is not possible to get to the heart of the pupils despite the knowledge acquired. However, teaching is often not valued.

Education is the gala dress to attend the feast of life”. I love this phrase, because it is sincere and inspiring, because it wakes up something inside me and makes me remember.

To remember and thank with deep respect all those people who have tried to teach me something at some point in my life . Teaching is the noblest goal that can be set, and also the most fruitful.

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The art of learning to teach

You can be a good educator thanks to a magic formula that combines numerous ingredients. That’s right: teaching requires the ability to manage many skills and competences; let’s see some of them.

The anxiety towards life and the world

The real desire to teach goes beyond the frontiers of pedagogy : it is something much more personal, because it is the desire to educate hearts and emotions.

Good teaching is what marks for life, which leaves its mark, which stimulates discussion and doubt, which invites you to learn. These things are achieved only thanks to a specific basis: that of the desire to educate for a lifetime.

Love for books and reading

Loving all those goals that involve knowledge and learning leads to a passion for books and their content.

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Love for pupils

Whether they are children or teenagers, it is essential that the one who teaches loves the people he is following. Good teachers succeed, even if they don’t know how to name this feeling they feel.

The management of emotions

It is said that, before teaching to read, one must teach to love the value of things. Good teachers put themselves in the students’ shoes, identify their emotions and use them with love, with the sole aim of making students grow, develop them and feed their dreams and hopes.

Only with good teachers can we learn to love, to appreciate serenity and to be naturally obedient.

Infinite patience and serenity

Masters have the great ability to transform frustration and despair into peaceful, wise and persevering energy. In other words, what really matters is the combination of what is taught and how it is taught.

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What do we owe to our teachers and educators?

Carl Jung was right when he said that “we remember with admiration the brilliant masters and with gratitude those who have touched our hearts”. We must infinitely thank our teachers for what they have taught us, what they teach us and what they will teach our children.

Just as we when we educate our children, we never stop seeking and incorporating new knowledge into our repertoire, even the teachers return home every day satisfied or frustrated, which always encourages them to take a step forward, to go a little further.

What teachers and masters “teach” is an understatement. A good teacher is such because he had a vocation; not only teaches, but also stimulates our memory, intelligence, sensitivity and imagination. It awakens our brains and shows us the importance of being patient.

The teachers are the salvation of society, because they give each of their students a little bit of enlightenment. Thanks to them, every day is filled with life and the future, precisely because they give importance to our words, our thoughts and our inspiration.

Master …

You will teach to fly, but they will not fly your flight.

You will teach to dream, but they will not dream of your dream.

You will teach to Live, but they will not live Your Life.

But in every Flight, in every Dream and in every Life,

it will remain forever the imprint of the teaching received.

(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

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