If vaccination is not accelerated, number of cases will increase in autumn

Respiratory Society (TÜSAD) Infection Working Group Head Assoc. Doctor. Berna Komurcuoglu said, “We have started to see severe cases in new forms. Reminder doses should be met with mRNA vaccines so that cases don’t increase too much in autumn and winter, and on mask-distance precautions Maximum attention should be given.

If vaccination is not accelerated, number of cases will increase in autumn

Unfortunately, optimistic hopes that the pandemic will end and that COVID-19 will turn into a flu-like illness did not last long. Because the number of cases is increasing rapidly in the world and in Turkey due to the new sub-variant of Omicron. Evaluating this growth, Turkish Respiratory Research Association (TÜSAD) Infection Working Group Head Assoc. Doctor. Berna Kömürcüoğlu warned, “At this stage, vaccination must be accelerated urgently, otherwise we could experience an increase in more severe cases in the autumn.”

Komurkuoglu summarized the state of the epidemic as follows: “By April, with the rapid reduction in the number of COVID-19, there were high hopes that the epidemic would end and become an endemic infection due to the lifting of measures in the world. Will go and in our country. However, with the end of the Eid holiday, there was a 40-fold increase in the cases of Kovid-19. Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, which have become the dominant forms, cause a rapid increase in cases because they have very easy and rapid transmission characteristics and can evade the immunity created by the vaccine.

Berna Komurkuoglu

Lung involvement increased with new variants

Ministry of Health Noting that the number of weekly cases has exceeded 226 thousand and the number of patients has increased by 40 times by the end of June, despite the hot weather, Komurkuoglu gave the following important information: “The death rate parallels with the increasing number increases in cases. , we began to revisit the newly developed subtypes of pulmonary involvement, pneumonia, and severe cases. The risk of severe disease is higher, especially in the elderly and in patients with additional disease and immunodeficiency. Seniors are at risk There are many reasons for this to occur. First, natural immunity and the fight against infection deteriorates, the protection created by vaccines is reduced, and resistance is reduced by the addition of chronic diseases such as diabetes.”

Reminder dosing should be supplemented with mRNA vaccines

Kömürcüoğlu said that immunity tends to decrease when 6 months or more have passed after the last vaccination, and he offered the following reminder: “It is very important to create reminder doses in vaccines to prevent cases from escalating. Time has passed since the first vaccination, and unfortunately, the rate of fully vaccinated people in our country is about 30 percent. When 6 months or more have passed since their last vaccination, immunity is reduced, new forms have the ability to evade antibodies, the effectiveness of vaccines is reduced, and people can become ill repeatedly. . Studies to develop new vaccines that are more effective against the variant are still ongoing. We specifically recommend mRNA (Biontech) vaccines as a reminder until new vaccines are put into practice.”

Get vaccinated before school opens for those under 12

Kömürcüoğlu warned that the increase in cases would accelerate in autumn and winter if there was no increase in vaccinations, adding that “Covid vaccines are like your seat belt; It does not prevent accidents, but it does prevent serious injury or death during an accident” and suggested the following:

It is very important to make a reminder dose till winter.

In our country, children below 12 years of age are not included in the vaccination programme, children below 12 years of age should start getting vaccinated before school opens, so that the younger population can be infected by the elderly in the family. to be prevented from doing.

– The risk is greater in crowded open areas to avoid more easily infective omicron subtypes. In addition to closed areas, it can also be used on public transport and in crowded open areas such as markets. Mask should be used.

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